3 Supporting Pillars of Salesforce Consumer Success Platform and Overview of Einstein Vision


Enterprises now very much understand the fact that data is the most valuable asset to be taken care of. All winning companies now are specifically data-driven, and their brown will continue as they effectively utilize their data resources increasingly. Data fuels the business algorithms as oil fuels the engines. Now, every process is largely dependent on algorithms, which make even the complicated decision making easier and help increase the productivity and stay relevant in the modern ultra-dynamic marketplace. Business executives now know this fact and leverage from this scope of data-driven growth.

Platforms to capture valuable consumer data

The ideal way to drive business growth and progression is to build a customized data platform. With a comprehensive warehouse to store your consumer data, one can easily understand the customer behavior and market preferences to position your business accordingly. As far as the Salesforce Consumer Success platform is concerned, there are three pillars that support the suite.

Pillar #1. Its capability to connect to the consumer data source

Data is there everywhere, and when it comes to consumer data, it comes from various solicited and unsolicited sources. A lot of companies are unknowingly sitting on the treasure troves of consumer data from their subscriber data to various loyalty systems. Now, online platforms and social media are also gold mines of data. To effectively connect to consumer data sources, users need an integration layer.

This is the reason why Salesforce lately invested in acquiring Mulesoft, which accelerates the digital transformation of consumer data by enabling access to siloed data. The obvious step here is to integrate external consumer data sources. Most importantly, an alternate effort should also be put in to make sure that the consumer sources are effectively connected to your ecosystems. Also, stop the proliferation of any sources which are not feeding directly to enrich your customer profile information stores.

Pillar #2. Interconnected consumer platform

In light of the above, all the data collected needs to be arranged on to a master platform from where the Salesforce administrator can get a 360-degree view of consumers and get customized reports. Exploring that data with the use of AI-powered business analytics will help organizations to custom design your products and services to the most desirable audience.

All the systems connected to the Salesforce Consumer Success platform will be feeding in consumer data and prepare real-time data-driven insights. This repository will act as a single source of truth for consumer data and further pump data around into the Salesforce ecosystem, similar to how the heart pumps blood into the entire body. Considering the GDPR, this interconnected platform could be a blessing as it becomes much easier for the users to process consumer requests and permissions like preferences, deletion, data copies, etc.

Pillar #3. Acting as an engine to inspire the audience

Using a consumer data source in order to make predictions and analyze the relevance of it in order to plan relevant personal, commercial offerings take the modern-day businesses to the next level. With its ability to reach to the consumers through all available channels like email, social media, mobile platforms, display channels, etc. can turn data into a largely competitive advantage for businesses.

Following consumer’s real-time and by gaining a solid insight into customer demographics, their preference, attitude, lifestyle, preferred modes of transactions is the most intelligent way to drive innovation. This is the focus on data-driven sales of the Salesforce Consumer Success Platform, which providers like help their clients to achieve.

However, they need to find a fine balance between these pillars. Just capturing the data without benefitting from it will take you nowhere. Simply focusing on data integration for the sake of it may ultimately drive you crazy and even mislead you. You need to synchronize the entire data orchestra and fine-tune it to conduct the concert of consumer success well. The key to success is gathering data from the right sources, connecting it well with your company, and getting actionable insight with data to achieve hypergrowth.

Salesforce Einstein Vision

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a part of daily life now, and you can see what all things AI can do for you with your latest featured smartphone in hand. With the introduction of Einstein Vision, Salesforce is also offering developers the AI image recognition power to make apps that are AI-powered.

Einstein Vision comes as a part of the service’s technologies on the Einstein Platform, and you can use it to make your apps AI-enabled. There are many functions to add like leveraging the benefits of the classifiers, which are pre-trained or train the classifiers to resolve image-recognition use cases. The developers can benefit from the power of AI-based image recognition to CRM and third-party apps to use if for the business functions like sales, marketing, services, and also to discover many new insights about customers and predict the outcomes for smart decision making.

APIs under Einstein Vision

  • Image Classification– Einstein Vision enables developers to train the apps with deep learning to recognize images and classify them at scale.
  • Object Detection – This API enables the developers to train different models for recognizing certain objects within an image and count them to get granular details like the location, size, and specification of the objects.

The Social Studio features of Salesforce integrate effectively with the AI feature of Einstein Vision and help the marketers to view beyond simply keyword listening. This makes it possible for the users to visually listen to the clues and detect various attributes of the images like the brand logo or the customer’s face etc. Such attributes can be used to learn about your customers’ lifestyle and preferences to custom design the sales approach.

Such images contain many contextual clues that can contribute effectively to improve the quality of your products, inventory levels, marketing strategies, etc. These clues will also help you know more about the effectiveness of your marketing, sales, and service efforts based on the customer actions taken. It is just the beginning of AI in the Salesforce application, and the possibilities are endless in the future.

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