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10 Digital Home Security Threats

Digital Home Security Threats

Each day one would learn about a new smart home-related technology. However, no matter how much one criticizes the reliance on machines, the truth is that we cannot do without them now. The fun part about employing the use of these technologies is that you can control them with apps as well. While first, the only app apart from social media platforms on my mobile was the Contour TV app, now the list has increased.

However, digital homes are posing many threats to people as well.

Hardware Attacks

There are not many cases reporting a threat to hardware in houses as of yet. But there is a high chance that the hardware in houses will soon be attacked. Just like the hackers are attacking the ones used in big corporations as well as universities. According to studies, attacks on hardware including computers have been increasing.

However, McAfee reports that with the advancement in technology, the cost of hardware-based encryption that will allow the masses to protect their computers from hackers will decrease. This will make it easier for computer owners to protect their personal information.


You may not be familiar with this type of crime. This Internet-based crime allows hackers to take remote control over your PC. Not only can the hackers have access to your computer but other web-based devices as well. Criminals use these bots to send malicious attacks to your laptop or PC. If hackers get access to your computer, they can control it remotely. Hence, acting like a zombie.

Hackers can use this activity to attack the PCs of prominent organizations. And spamming them or sending malware to the systems.

Internet of Things in Trouble

You cannot win from cybercriminals if you did not pay proper attention to the security of your systems. As soon as the hackers will realize that the security of your systems is not enough, you will become easy prey for them. According to studies, internet-enabled devices are at a greater risk of getting attacked.

Although a rather new concept, the Internet of Things is responsible for most of the attacks on devices these days. Cybercriminals find it easy to attack Internet-enabled devices. Therefore, the number of attacks is increasing. Hence, causing an increase in security threats as well.

Wearable Vulnerabilities

Not only are your web-enabled fridge and iPod at risk of an attack, but your wearable tech devices as well. Although the type of attack on these devices is different. However, this must worry you because these devices contain a valuable amount of data regarding you. And you cannot afford to lose it to hackers.

Who would have thought that fitness watches will one day pose a security threat as well? The worst part is that cyber attackers can reach your smartphones through these fitness devices.

Cloud-Based Attacks

Storing our valuable data on the cloud has brought many threats as well. The cloud can more aptly be described as a massive server where data from various people get stored online. Although it is a rather convenient way of storing data and one that does not cost much in terms of money, the security threat that it poses can cost you all your valuable data.

The attack on cloud services will only go up in the future. Therefore, be careful about the kind of information that you store on the cloud.

Home Burglary

Hackers are well aware of smartphone hacks that can lead to a home burglary. Criminals trick homeowners and get access to their homes through apps like TimpDoor.

Permanent Denial of Service

This attack refers to the attackers damaging the device in such a bad manner that the only option that the owners have is to replace it.

Distributed Denial of Service

This attack renders the use of a machine or hardware by its owner temporary.


An attacker can disrupt the connection between any two systems using this technique.

Data Manipulation

According to reports, hackers can make changes to your data as well. This is worse than you not having any access to your data at all. Imagine uploading a file on the cloud or saving it on your computer only to realize that all that you saved has been changed. This will send a shiver down your spine. Only if you realize that information is not the same as the original.

The chances that you won’t notice a change in information are high though.

Technology, no doubt, has made life easy for all of us. I mean I can pay my Cox bill online without having to visit the physical store. However, the online world comes with a set of threats as well. But, if addressed, you can save yourself from hacker attacks as well.

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