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How a Phone Answering Service Lets you Compete with Big Companies

It’s a competitive world out there, and it’s important to find any edge you can if you want to stay afloat, especially if you’re a small business competing in a market with big businesses. Here’s some information on how a phone service can help you survive.

It Won’t Cost Half Your Revenue

phone answering service is highly economical compared to many of the other possible solutions for your company, such as using a live answering service. Some services can often cost huge amounts of money per month. However, the best services that have special options like message only answering can cost much less.

Additionally, it will also cost considerably less than hiring a secretary, for example. Plus, you will still retain most of the benefits of having a live person since it’s been proven to be highly effective when used properly.

When people encounter this kind of service, they often automatically associate it with a large, professional company. In other words, this is an effective way to project experience and a sense of being established to potential clients. It’s what people expect half the time these days, after all.

Considering the fact that only half of businesses make it past 5 years, it’s definitely important to leverage every advantage that you possibly can. Small businesses are often going to be behind the bigger ones, but a pro service can help to even things out.

Hang-ups Are the Kiss of Death

Another big advantage here is that you won’t ever risk hang-ups. When you hang up on a customer, for whatever reason, it’s usually a huge negative in terms of how that person is going to view your business from then on.

Getting a professional service to handle your call will be superior to hiring staff that has to do a hundred things at once, instead of only answer your calls and nothing else. It’s hard to fault the staff for this when they have a lot of other duties. This is exactly why a service is so important.

Overall, managing costs, projecting professionalism, and avoiding hang-ups will go a long way to helping you compete in a difficult market where you may be a small fish.  Customer service has proven to be critical in positive business outcomes again and again, regardless of what kind of business you might find yourself in. A live answering option is critical for this reason.

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