Utilizing New Tech for Remote Offices

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Companies are increasingly looking to transit to remote working environments. The benefits of a remote office include a reduced overhead and an overall happier work environment. If choosing to transition to one, the question becomes, how can you as a business manager, or owner, support your office in the process? With new technology, there are ways to automate and avoid redundancies, support virtual meetings and maintain online shared drives. After deciding to move your office online, review some of the … Read more

10 Digital Home Security Threats

Digital Home Security Threats

Each day one would learn about a new smart home-related technology. However, no matter how much one criticizes the reliance on machines, the truth is that we cannot do without it now. The fun part about employing the use of these technologies is that you can control them with apps as well. While first, the only app apart from social media platforms on my mobile was the Contour TV app, now the list has increased. However, digital homes are posing many … Read more

DeGale vs Eubank Jr live stream: how to watch the fight online from anywhere


After years of bitter rivalry and months of preparation, the two super-middleweights are finally about to meet in the boxing ring. The former sparring partners’ relationship turned sour when insults got personal, and they’ve been at each other’s throats ever since. Now it’s time to take that into the ring and we’ll tell you how to get a DeGale vs Eubank live stream regardless of where on Earth you are. Chris Eubank Jr (27-2, 21 KOs) will be up against … Read more

How to Efficiently Manage Product Orders Online?

Manage Product Orders

There is no doubt in the fact that the e-commerce set up has opened a whole new doorway for people to make money and establish their businesses. And, if you also have been running your own e-commerce store then you would know how crucial just about every aspect of running your own business is – no matter whether it is offline or online. And specifically when we talk about running an e-commerce store then there are umpteen aspects of running … Read more

How to resize images for free online

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If you are here there are high chances that you are looking to resize images online. After all, a good image is worth more than a 1000 words and it is important to make sure those words look neat and precise. I use Windows on my computer and I have not yet been able to find a tool to resize bulk images. Not only resize, but I usually need to convert the format of these images too. I have been … Read more

How Technology Has Changed Online Gaming for the Better

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It’s fair to say that gaming has come a long way since the days of Space Invaders, Air Warrior and Island of Kemai. While those games undoubtedly paved the way for the titles we see today, they are incomparable to the kind of gaming experiences available to us in the modern day and technology has had a huge part to play in opening doors and breaking down barriers that gaming developers had previously considered impenetrable. With that in mind, below … Read more

Xperia Ear Duo now available at Xperia Store Online


In case you missed our announcement at MWC, the eagerly anticipated launch of Xperia Ear Duo is upon us, now available at the Xperia Store Online in select markets*. Xperia Ear Duo features Dual Listening technology meaning having your earphones in doesn’t mean being completely cut off from what’s happening around you. You can take calls or listen to music as well as receive notifications, whilst being completely aware of environmental sounds and conversations. Wh… Sony Xperia Blog