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Top 5 Data Security Trends for 2021

Since most businesses are turning digital, data security is gaining more and more importance day by day. Data intrusions are becoming highly complex and risky to handle. Conventional security measures such as updated antivirus or updated Operating systems are not enough. Then what are the recent trends to keep your data safe and secure? Follow the article for a better understanding of the best data security trends for the year 2021.

Data security trends
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Crypto Jacking

To be precise this is not data intrusion rather it is the exploitation of the victim’s computer resources. Here is what happens in crypto-jacking. It’s pretty obvious that cryptocurrency is gaining a lot of popularity and mining the cryptocurrency requires a system with high-end configuration such as graphic card, RAM, and processor. Most times just one computer might not be enough.

As usual, those specs are going to cost a lot. So clever crypto jackers take over the victim’s computer to mine cryptocurrency. The programs crypto jackers use are sneaky and highly complicated to trace. The only way user can find about crypto-jacking if the user goes to background running programs using task manager and identify that crypto-jacking program.

Unfortunately, for a normal user recognizing such programs is not easy. The only way user can prevent crypto-jacking is by taking pre-emptive measures. Such as using network system monitoring tools. A network system monitoring tool will track various operations running on your computer. For example, internet usage, disk usage, and memory usage.

You might think a network monitoring system is just a glorified task manager, but it is not. A network monitoring system will alert the user when things are off compared to usual parameters. You can also set the custom parameters. If any of those custom parameters are exceeded, the network monitor setup will notify the users.

Employing, a system network parameter will always safe-keep your computer and data safe from any kind of untraceable attacks.

Security Measures Against Data Loss

Most of the users might consider Data loss is a conventional problem. But as we are growing digitally stronger, the ways in which we lose data are also increasing. However, the way any person approaches a data loss scenario has changed with time.

Previously, users used to search Recycle Bin to restore the deleted data. However, Recycle Bin can only be used if you just delete the data. However, recently data loss has evolved just from accidental deletion to data loss due to a correctable sector count on your hard drive a highly complex scenario to resolve.

Nevertheless, you can avoid data loss with few safety measures such as time-to-time maintenance, creating a backup for sensitive files, or subscribing to a cloud backup service. However, there might be some situations where you might fail to avoid a data loss. In such scenarios, the best solution is a data recovery software such as Remo Data Recovery Software.

Fight Against Ransomware

During the past year, Covid is not the only catastrophe to hit the earth, but also Ransomware. Not just normal users even multimillion-dollar organizations fell victim to Ransomware. To be clear, last year’s entire ransomware losses are valued at 20 billion USD compared to 11.5 billion USD in 2019 and 8 billion USD in 2018. Even for ransomware, the best way to counter is by taking precautionary measures.

All of the following tips might sound cliché but they are the best ways to protect yourself from the ransomware.

  • Always keep your Firewall updated and keep Ransomware protection on
  • Maintain an Isolated backup for your important data
  • Encrypt your storage drive using bit locker

Protect Your Mobile Phones

When data security is discussed most of the users only consider computers but mobile phones are also part of data security. Nowadays we are more associated with our data with mobile phones than computers. This means when your phone security is at stake along with the professional data even personal data can fall in the wrong hands,

The best way to protect your mobile phone data is by turning on mobile phone encryption. IOS and Android both have encryption by default enabled. But many users consider turning the encryption off to trade-off for better battery performance. So, if you care for your personal data always keep your mobile encryption turned on.

Maintain a Cloud Storage Facility

Nowadays, cloud storage facilities are providing better security features than conventional offline storage drives. Cloud storage drives such as Google Drive and Apple Cloud storage drives are highly secure. Some cloud storage drives even provide end-to-end encryption.

Considering all the features, using Cloud storage is the best possible option to store your crucial data. In addition to security, cloud storage will also provide you with accessibility to data at your fingertips.


These are the top 5 trends for your data security for 2021. They might not be top-tier security features such as integrating AI with your firewall or using IoT to keep your data safe but these latest security practices will ensure your data safe even in 2022.

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Data Recovery Specialist at Remo Software

A data recovery specialist solving mysteries of data disasters. Highly passionate about providing solutions to help everyday users troubleshoot problems in Windows and Mac computers. Loves reading fiction and playing chess.

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