How Secure is Biometrics for Digital Services

Biometrics for Digital Services

Numerous aspects of people’s daily lives are now secured by biometrics technology. A few of the first uses of biometric methods were fingerprint recognition in the workplace, law enforcement, and national identity. Consumers are currently seeing the integration of facial, voice, and iris identification in virtual assistants, airport security, banking, … Read more

6 Cybersecurity Challenges In The New Normal

Cybersecurity Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to shift from physical to remote working environments in just a few weeks, some even days. Although this scenario can be progressive, it also brings additional concerns businesses have to deal with in the new normal.

Avira Security for Mac

Avira Security for Mac

 Avira, Germany’s leading cybersecurity brand, has released an all-new Avira Security for Mac, including a free version as well as Prime for premium features. The all-in-one solution blocks and removes threats, enables worry-free browsing, shopping, and payment through its real-time protection, and protects data with VPN encryption. Developed from the … Read more

Top 5 Data Security Trends for 2021

Data security

Since most businesses are turning digital, data security is gaining more and more importance day by day. Data intrusions are becoming highly complex and risky to handle. Conventional security measures such as updated antivirus or updated Operating systems are not enough. Then what are the recent trends to keep your … Read more

Dell Technologies brings intrinsic security to the forefront with new solutions and services

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies brings intrinsic security to the forefront with new solutions and services that protect customers’ data. By building security into its supply chain, services, infrastructure, and devices, Dell Technologies helps customers lower risk and become more cyber resilient. Organizations face increasing pressure to protect themselves and their customers as … Read more

5 Means To Keep Your Digital Data Safe When in China


Entering into the Chinese marketplace is a tempting proposition for many businesses, with the size of the country’s economy and population just two of the enticing factors. And China is increasingly opening up to the world, with friendlier policies aimed at attracting foreign business investment into the country. However, doubts … Read more