Finding the Right Digital Thermometer for your business

Digital Thermometer

Today digital thermometers are a common sight in workplaces around the world. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, digital thermometers have become an important tool in seeking to detect the dangerous virus early. But there can be differences out there in the range of digital thermometers, like those from RS Components. That’s why for any business looking to acquire digital thermometers, it’s important to take the time to find out which selection would be suitable for their particular needs.

Why Traditional Thermometers Are Unsuitable

It’s no surprise most people imagining a thermometer may find a traditional glass one comes to mind. This is understandable given these types of thermometers were in use for generations before the arrival of digital technology. But ultimately, today these thermometers are outdated – and even dangerous given the presence of mercury in them. That’s why for any business tempted to opt for the traditional style of thermometer, it’s important to recognise the risks far outweigh any benefits of using the traditional type.

How Businesses Can Suffer Due to a Covid-19 Outbreak

The reality is that early detection of Covid-19 can be critically important. Beyond the health risks, Covid-19 poses to someone, and potentially anyone they have been in contact with, businesses can suffer as a result of a diagnosis too. For example, businesses that have had a positive case can discover their expenses go up as they pay for a professional company to do a deep clean, while their income goes down because customers avoid the premises once they’ve heard about an outbreak.

Why Digital Thermometers Are So Useful

In this difficult climate, a digital thermometer can be very valuable as it can help protect a business, its staff and customers, and its ability to operate. A digital thermometer can take the temperature of an individual quickly and efficiently. This can make a massive difference in the effectiveness of a Covid-19 safety plan. If someone who presents with Covid-19 has their symptoms detected early, it’ll be immediately clear they should go get tested, and then isolate until they receive a clean bill of health.

The Infrared Thermometer Option

Considering non-contact infrared digital thermometers is always a great starting point for any business looking to enhance its Covid-19 safety strategy. These devices can take a reading of an individual’s temperature rapidly, and do so without any physical contact. In the event a person who presents does have Covid-19, using a non-contact digital thermometer minimizes the risk of transmission as compared to using an invasive thermometer that requires physical contact. There are other digital thermometers available, but health authorities recommend the use of a non-contact digital thermometer whenever possible.

Remember Multiple Elements Make a Safety Plan Effective

A non-contact digital thermometer can unquestionably be a valuable tool in seeking to defend a business against Covid-19. It is important to keep in mind however that Covid-19 cases can be diagnosed even in absence of a fever symptom. Accordingly, an individual could record no elevated temperature on a digital thermometer, but still potentially have Covid-19. So even if an individual does not have a fever, if they have other Covid-19 symptoms they should immediately go get tested, and isolate until they get a clean bill of health.

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