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Six Latest Trends for Animation

If I say that animation is one of the fastest growing industries it won’t be a lie! Because it’s a fact that Animation is one of the rapidly growing industries. As it is one of the industries which is firmly connected with the entertainment industry for more than a decade. But now animation is making its path and furnishing its connections in other industries as well, which includes; marketing, advertising, and interactive experiences. In this competitive era neglecting the importance of animation in business would be a great mistake for marketers. In this article, I am going to tell you about the latest trends in animation which needs your serious attention regarding your business venture marketing.

1) 3D CGI IS losing ITS WORTH:

After twenty years of the prevailing trend, 3D CGI is now losing its worth.  In the time of the ’90s, living in its modern form 3D CGI was handled by Pixar, and from that time many studios are trying to pursue it except the (Japanese have always created a classification of their own) and are trying to do their best to work it out. By admiring the preference of the style, the results have been surprisingly banal, and the influence of Pixar look all over the industry shows it as stereotypical and constant.

In this presentation, the 2D CGI animation is ruling the 3D in terms of quality. 2D is more diverse and gives you room for personal style and experiments. For marketers, it is necessary to stay focused on your attention and efforts on the 2D animation whenever you are going to establish your marketing materials.


Whiteboard animation is one of the oldest types of animation which is now used on a large for marketing. The development of the easy-to-handle powerful tool making it engaging even without using an attractive background is gaining the attention of a large number of people. This is the trend that is predicted as one of the fastest growing trends in the upcoming years.

Whiteboard animation is one of the most pursued trends by marketers because this is one of the best ways to create your explainer video and its engaging nature makes it more attractive.  For making your whiteboard animation video, you can visit any animation production company or can also install the necessary software. Spend a quality that is completely devoted to the study of whiteboard animation to set your goals and get better results.


YouTube is now turning into one of the less friendly platforms for animation. And those people who consider YouTube as a friendly platform for animation and using it for it let me tell you that you are putting your business in great danger. YouTube is that stop where can lose your traffic at any moment or second. YouTube has turned drastically one of the most dangerous and non-reliable podiums for marketing. For marketers, YouTube can make disastrous changes, in this time YouTube is not able to handle the dominating marketing.


Motion graphics is the new trending trend in animation. The illusions formed by intermediary positions are created by the software automatically. So the object which you think is moving is just an illusion created by some pictures which are just changing their place in a continuous motion on the screen or the desktop. The chief benefit of this type of animation is that this is not entirely cartooned base4 animation, but it can be utilized in various kinds of animation representation which can vary human characters to letter infographics. It makes fascinating, inspiring, informative, and vibrant videos.

5) AR/VR:

AR and VR stand for (augmented reality) and (virtual reality) these technologies have been present on the scene for some time. But in some past years, the trend of AR/VR is increasing second by second. The most innovative companies are utilizing these technologies to date because they need considerate expertise and investment. Although, they can compose and create engaging and spellbinding stories. AR/VR possess the magical power which secures the attention of the targeted customers and can make you one of the trend changer in the industry.


For the last five years, web series is one of the most nurturing trends of animation. The production technologies are getting more available to regular notebooks users. They are one of the main ways are switching the entertainment industry into advertising. Most brands and businesses are using this trend and creating animated web series to market their brand and business. If the series hit its goal by attracting the attention of its targeted audience by creating, compelling, current, amusing, and fascinating eventually you are going to develop an engaging connection with your audience, and because of your web series, they will come back to watch the new episodes of it.

It will form a human-to-human interaction that will help you to grow and market your platform.


Animation technology and its trends are in the process of huge variations. With the help of the latest inventions like 360-degree videos which give 360 degrees of the scene stepping into the production industry and changing the whole mean of the landscape. The use of these innovative technologies may vary, but the main thing is that you look for opportunities and also have to accept the trending trends before they turn into the mainstream.

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