Importance of Animation

What is the Importance of Animation in today’s world?

The animation production industry has transformed with time. According to the Animation Production Services market report, the product landscape of animation production services in regional and international markets has effectively increased. In addition, 83% of corporate firms believe video marketing has exponentially helped accelerate their brand marketing. At the same time, 53% of customers get attracted to a brand after watching a product marketing video on social media. Consequently, customers spend more time watching online videos, which has helped businesses to make attractive and eye-catching marketing videos employing effective marketing methods.

In the digital era, the animation industry is playing an eminent part. Animation form an extraordinary way to interact and convey the message to the audience in an engaging way. Animation brings concepts or imaginations to real life through different animation styles. Video animators use traditional animation styles. First, it refers to hand drawings or paintings on smooth celluloid sheets to create images. Then, the animator used a brush to get these pictures printed on paper. The modern technology era has introduced computer-assisted Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Motion Graphics, and whiteboard animations. Today, many animated movies are generated from computer-assisted animations that are visually appealing and instantly grasp the viewer’s attention.

The Role of Animation in the Digital World

  • Animation, an engaging tool for marketing

Animated videos are a powerful source to market a company’s brand. The main source of attraction for animation videos is the element of fun and engagement that keep the audience enthralled throughout the video. Therefore, animated video services use animated videos for marketing and brand promotion. From providing entertainment to children, Animation has become the best tool for visual communication. Digitally animated videos help businesses to market their brand, improve the UX of their website and boost digital marketing campaigns. To create a memorable impression,  these short two minutes video animations are the perfect way to attract both current and potential new customers.

  • Significance of Animation for brands and content marketing

Digital video animation provides practical benefits and entertainment to users. Short animation videos of 45 to 90 sec have engaging storytelling that genuinely impacts the audience. Within seconds, customers get essential knowledge of a brand by watching an appealing and fascinating product animation video. As most of the marketing videos have unique visual properties of 3D Animation, storyboard, or motion graphics, they effectively help the brand’s digital marketing. In the digital marketing era, businesses employ exclusive, cost-effective, diversified video marketing opportunities to market their brand. Hence, marketing videos also help a brand to stand out from its competitors by creating an emotional connection with its audience.

  • Different types of animation techniques create a compelling video of the brand.

Video animation services employ powerful animation tools that create visually appealing content,  eye-catching imagery, illustrations, charts, and motion graphs in the video. In addition, character animation modifies monotonous text-based content and increases user engagement by sending a striking brand message to consumers. When animators opt for an animation project, they must go through multiple animation production processes. For instance, traditional Animation involves drawing the characters, layout, and backgrounds on paper. Today,  the trend of using traditional Animation has changed. The animators now use hand-draw Animation, then scan the drawings to color them digitally using various computer software. In addition, advertising companies mostly employ traditional Animation to screen the pre-production of advertisements.

2D Animation can be a great tool for your business. 2D animation videos comprise a mixture of graphics, voice-overs, and text that help the viewer comprehend product information. As 2D Animation explains complicated concepts in easy language, they establish a stronger connection between the viewer and the brand.

3D Animators depending on the type of video production, get engaged with research and planning. Once they gather accurate information, the animator uses virtual and augmented reality 3D animation video production tools to create videos projecting real-life objects.

The animators use storyboards, keyframes, and illustrations from each scene in the video. It provides a clear picture of the project and helps improve their storytelling’s potential. The current animation trends in the mega animation industry indicate that the world’s best brands desire to invest in making eye-catching 3D Animation videos to enhance their business prospect.

Motion graphics focuses on the ability to move graphic elements, shapes, and text. This process is commonly used for electronic media, including infographics, explainer videos, movies with subtitles, and advertisements. Generally, these videos entertain the audience and demonstrate the business’ capabilities by illustrating data and statistics.

  • The Importance of animation videos in Social Media and other marketing sites

Animated videos are used on social media to gain more followers. Businesses use 3D animated explainer videos having infographics that engagingly communicate the brand’s story. For instance, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are great platforms for sharing creative and fun animated content for viewers. Moreover,  marketing videos are integrated into blog posts or landing pages that help to improve brand awareness, build great online visibility and increase traffic to the website. By using interactive videos, companies can convey their business ideas and tell their brand stories to potential clients engagingly.

  • Animated films and cartoons for teenagers and adults

Special effects, realistic characters, and live-action scenes give a stunning effect to the animated movie. Many popular films and cartoons comprising famous 3D characters such as Avatar, The Lion King, and Toy Story are entertaining for the audience. These amusing videos have compelling storytelling. The storyboard artists work out the visual art style of the story and compose stunning dialogue and action that uniquely communicate emotions and ideas that children and adults easily comprehend. Thus, the rising trend of animated films and video productions marks a major driver for the growth of the global animation market.

  • Animated videos improve learning and knowledge.

Animation videos are used to explain complex concepts engagingly. Short and informative, and visually appealing videos help learners to retain information. The animated explainer videos are uploaded on YouTube to help students gain more knowledge on the topic they are learning.

  • Popular video games

Animated video games have realistic characters, situation, and environment that keep players engaged and gives an immersive experience to users.

  • Animation is progressing towards a peak of success.

The demand for animation production is growing, and it is anticipated that the 3D animation industry will continue to thrive. 3D video productions remain a key trend in the future of Animation that can do wonders for businesses and digital marketers!

To Recapitulate

In today’s digital world, the animation industry plays a significant role in producing captivating and engaging videos to market a company’s brand. As most of the marketing videos are compiled using visual properties of 3D Animation, storyboard, or motion graphics, they effectively help in the brand’s digital marketing. Furthermore, the ultra-modern Animation technologies in animated videos have extensively increased customer engagement and boosted market growth and value chain optimization. Hence, animation production has gained a clear edge in the animation market and has become proficient in creating inventive and attention-grabbing short animated marketing videos for various brands and corporate organizations.

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