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9 Glitzy Tools to Create Animated Video like a Pro!

One of the common mistakes that most of the beginner animators commit is that they learn how to use a few animation tools and then they rely on that to make every type of the video animation, which is an extremely incorrect way to excel in the video animation career. Since there are so many types of the video animations, and the basis of all types of animation based either on 2D animation or 3D animation, there were separate tools created to generate animations for either kind of the animation.

Discussed below are some of the amazing tools that can be used to create video animations suitably.

2D Animated Video Maker Tools

There are many types of animation that are formed in the two-dimensional space, and these animations are needed to be built on the platform that is there for the production of 2D animated videos only. Check out some of the following tools that can serve the best features for the animators to create the best 2D video animation.

  1. Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate can easily be installed in Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X and provides the user a fantastic experience to create the 2D animated video with superiority.

  • Synfig Studio

It is an open source 2D video animation tool that is for of cost and can be operated on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and as well as on Linux.

  • Pencil 2D

Another amazing open source software to create 2D animated video is Pencil 2D, which allows the artist to draw everything with the pencil feature and then convert the drawings into animation. It can also be operated on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

3D Animated Video Maker Tools

Trying to develop a 3D animated video on the 2D animation tools would be the most inappropriate and foulest decision to make. Since there are different tools or functions required to create the 3D animation the 2D video animation software does not offer such environment to create the 3D videos professionally. In order to solve such many 3D video maker tools were introduced to help the animators to create the video like skillfully. Some of these qualified tools are conferred below that you can use to design a stunning 3D video animation.

  1. Autodesk 3D Maya

It might not be a very user-friendly software for the beginner animators, but it undoubtedly offers the best podium for the professional animators and expert designers to build the entire video in the 3D space and also offers 3D rendering options for the users. It can be installed on Microsoft Windows 7 or later versions, Mac OS X 10.8 or versions that came later on, and on RHEL/CentOS 6.2 and versions introduced after that.

  • Autodesk 3Ds Max

Unlike Maya, 3Ds Max offers a very user-friendly environment for the beginner animators and designers to create the animated video like a pro. The only obstacle of this software is that it can only be operated on Microsoft Windows 7 or versions that were introduced later on.

  • Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D provides the user to create 3D animated videos and also allows them to do the 3D rendering to create the best 3D models, projects, animation, games, and architectural visualizations. It can be operated easily on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and also on Amiga OS.

Online Animated Maker Applications

Some of the 2D and 3d video animation software is way too expensive that restricts the beginner animators or the ones with a low budget or low storage to create an excellent animated video. In order to solve this issue, the scientists came up with the best solution to provide such users an online platform to make their animated videos. Most of them are free or cost a very little price and the best part it does not require a lot of storage to get the tool, as it provides the online website podium for video animation creation.

  1. Renderforest

It is a cloud-based animation video maker that has a very vast library for the user to create the short intro videos and explainer animations.

  • Moovly

It is a company that offers a cloud-based podium for the users to generate any type of multimedia content like video presentations, animated videos, or any variety of visualizations.

  • GoAnimate

It allows the users to create their own animated videos for presentations, advertisement purpose, or for any other use. Also, it permits the audio to be lip-synced automatically.

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