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How to Hire the Best Mobile App Developers Every Time?

Mobile App Developers

Do you know most people neglect the apps after using them once? What is the main reason behind it? There are some considerable things to understand while hiring mobile app developers. if you want to be successful in hiring the best mob app developers, keep reading this article!

I will tell you the requirements, places to search the mob app developer, and hourly rates of the developers. When you are hiring, you must know that there are different rates to hire mobile app developers in different countries. The offshore developers charge high rates rather than local developers but most offshore developers are brilliantly experts. 

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Best things to consider before hiring a Mobile App Developer

  • Analyze problems and solutions 
  • Product launch 
  • Clear roadmaps 

Sources to find Mobile App Developers

  • Freelance developers 

                 (Introduction, Pros, and Cons)

  • Remote Employees

                 (Introduction, Pros, and Cons)

  • Outsourcing Companies

                 (Introduction, Pros, and Cons)


1– Best things to consider before hiring a Mobile App Developer

According to a survey, 95% of newly-launched apps fail. Why? What is the reason behind it? There is a big reason behind this failure is to hire a mobile app developer without knowing anything about the trends. You must know the following things to make a successful product:

 Analyze Problems and Solutions

  • First of all, when you are launching a product, you have to know the target audience. Whether the product or service is according to the audience or not. You must explore your audience in many manners like attitude, culture, age, region, and many more. If you don’t consider your audience important, they will neglect your product and you face failure. 
  • After exploring your audience, brainstorm the problems of the audience. What is the problem your audience is facing in your industry? Conduct a survey to find critical results from the target audience. 
  • When you find the real problem, you need to find a reliable solution for it. You should make an audit report and analyze how you can stand out from the other apps. After making a rough prototype, you need to analyze either your solution meets the target audience or not. 

Product Launch

  • When you launch your product, you have to check the customer’s feedback on this. You must launch some feature of the product to check the response of customers. Create an MVP (minimum viable product) and outline the best features of your product.
  • After creating an MVP, you have to launch a landing page of your product. This will gain your initial audience and make them your clients. 
  • To check the performance of your product, you have to set the KPIs to measure your success. It will keep the record of the subscriber, sales, leads, and etc.

Clear Road maps and Requirements

If you don’t know about the perfect stats of the product, your product may be failing. According to the Total Quality Management approach(TQM), the chances of the product’s success increase if you make perfect statistics of the requirements. Mention all the requirements and needs of the product and its key features. If you are sharing your idea with some vendor, you must sign NDA for the protection of your idea.

As you know, the discovery of a new thing is a time-consuming process so you can hire software developers to analyze your business requirements. They will analyze your business needs and make a clear roadmap in a good way.

2- Sources to find Mobile App Developers

There are many ways to search for a mobile app developer. What you should choose for your project? A freelancer, a remote developer, or an outsourcing company? I will explain to you the pros and cons of every case of hiring a mobile app developer. Let’s jump into it!

Freelance developers

Freelancers are best when you are making a small a simple project. If your project does not require designers, testers, QA engineers, you must choose a freelance developer. You can search Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and many more websites that have brilliant expert mobile app developers. These platforms are fully secure and there is no fraud here. You hire a developer and payment the amount to the platform, when you get your work back, the platform gives the money to the developer.  There are some pros and cons of hiring a freelancer.

Pros of selecting a freelancer:

  • When you hire a freelancer, you can save much your money as well.
  • You don’t give them office perks as you give your workplace employees.
  • You can save time for your small business.
  • Your relationship with the developer became strong if he behaves well with you. 

Cons of selecting a freelancer:

  • You need to hire different contractors for multiple tasking.
  • You hand over your project to an outsider. There can be security issues. 
  • Freelancers are not engaged in your company if there is a temporary relationship with them. 

Remote Employees

When you want to extend your development team, your choice should be a remote employee. You can hire a part-time or full-time app developer for your project. There are many platforms where you can find remote employees. If you go for LinkedIn, you have to find there specific persons for remote jobs. But there are many other platforms that are customized for remote jobs of mobile app development

  • Remote.com
  • Hired
  • Youteam
  • Gun.io

Pros of Remote Employees:

  • You can make a strong team of developers from remote employees.
  • The cost is low in hiring remote employees. You don’t need to worry about the incentives of the remote employees.
  • The expertise gained from remote employees remains in the company. 

Cons of Remote Employees:

  • The overall burden of the managing team, project, and staff is on the shoulders of the in-house manager.
  • If the employee goes on vacation, your project may be face difficulties.
  • It is difficult to estimate the exact requirements of the project for remote employees.

Outsourcing companies

When you are moving towards complex projects, your priority should be an outsourcing company for your project. There are three types of outsourcing include inshore outsourcing, nearshore outsourcing, and offshore outsourcing. Outsourcing companies have a lot of experienced employees. They already have done many top-level projects.  All the responsibilities are on the vendor. You don’t need to worry about your project. There are many benefits of outsourcing companies.

Pros of outsourcing:

  • You can access the ready team to complete your project. You don’t need to find every single developer for your project. 
  • They do their work in time. They care about the deadlines of the projects. Outsourcing also takes less time for your project completion. 
  • The vendor is responsible for the team benefits, perks, and replacements if needed. 

Cons of outsourcing:

  • There can be management complexities in outsourcing.
  • There may be a difference of culture, language, or race in outsourcing. It is a hurdle to hire an outsourcing company. 


As you have learned about the hiring process of mobile app developers, now you can follow the above-mentioned steps to successfully hire the best mobile app developer. There are millions of mobile app developers in the world but you analyze what type of developer you want. The best developers in the world are mostly found in Ukraine. It is famous for some eye-catching points like Global recognition of IT expertise, Huge tech communities, quality work, and many more. When you are looking for a developer, try to find a developer from Ukraine. 

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