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Fintech Industry

How venture capitalists are driving the Fintech Industry

Financial technology or Fintech for short has seen massive growth over the last decade. Let’s just say they have transformed traditional banking in every aspect. The stats suggest that Fintech has gone mainstream where people either use money transfer or fintech products.

Fintech has been innovating and evolving over the years, driving broad-based access to financial products and services to those who do not have bank accounts and those who are deprived of banking services such as credit cards or loans.

The technology industry is growing at a rapid pace globally and Venture Capitalists are investing heavily in the fintech industry, given the potential it has shown in the last couple of years. 

Coronavirus and the Fintech Sector

The dynamics have changed completely and technology has proven that we don’t need to be physically present in our offices to run the company. The Coronavirus has given new meaning as to how companies will run in the future. The Fintech Sector amid Coronavirus saw a huge boost, however, another factor that played its role was the belief of the masses that physical cash could be a possible transmission vector for the virus.

Fintech also had an impact in regions like China, Africa, and Southeast Asia after their well-established multi-year trend of consumer-oriented fintech startups pushing transactions as the only mode of payment in the retail sector.

How Investments are Changing the Landscape of Fintech Industry?

Let Numbers do the talking….

An investment of $105 billion alone in 2020 is a strong indicator of how VCs Globally is taking Fintech so seriously.

Why such a huge paradigm shift in the industry?

Banking, being centuries old, has always been the fastest mode of the transaction between two people. Now with the widespread adoption of technology, going with contactless credit card transactions and app-based trading platforms, one thing is very clear, Fintech has enormous potential. 

In light of this many governments have come up with the plan of banking the unbanked, targeting people with low-income households. Therefore, fintech can play the most crucial role in facilitating and disbursing these benefits to them. This fact alone has turned VCs to invest heavily in the industry, numbers will only grow.

Marshland Capital a New Venture Capitalist in the Industry

These new trends have made it clear one thing for VCs is how they should pivot their business model and focus on the needs of the masses with this newly changed reality. 

So, with the increasing number of new and small fintech startups, it has given a golden opportunity to VCs like Marshland Capital that is on the lookout for the next fintech unicorn. 

What does a VC like Marshland have to offer for new startups?

There are many ideas but what Marshland expects from its people in which they are investing is execution. They encourage people who are driven, open-minded to suggestions and feedback. They can help you fill the gaps by looking at opportunities in your current infrastructure and team, bringing the best potential and strength out of you.

The main goal of Marshland is to help you out in making the right decisions and avoid any kind of costly, damaging mistakes. You will always have the freedom as to how you want your business to grow, Marshland will only set the direction.

So not only does Marshland VC invest in your project monetarily but also invests their time and vast network of resources.

As an early startup, if you think you can disrupt the industry, Marshland Capital will walk through the whole project, from early ideation, through a cap raise, and launching them within just a few months.


The Fintech industry has a bright future, given how much of an impact it can have on the masses. With the increase in demand for digital payments, contactless payments, and e-commerce platforms, fintech investment is expected to remain robust well into 2022.

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Taha Kamal

Taha Kamal is a conscious online marketer, who has helped brands like VPNRanks, FastestVPN, Gaditek, and others harness the power of digital marketing. He is passionate about writing content on Marketing strategies, WordPress ecosystem, and Technology.

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