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15 Best Gadgets and Tools for Work from Home Freelance Writers

It is almost impossible to become a high-paying writer without the use of modern tools. Of course, they are not a magic pill – you also need patience, perseverance, good time management skills, and a little talent. However, there are a few things that will ease your work as a freelance writer. Below we have listed the tools to optimize your workflow and improve the quality of your work.

Freelance Writers

Tools to Improve Text

If you want to become a professional in the freelance writers’ market, then you need modern software. We recommend using the following applications and programs.

  1. Google Docs

Most likely you know about this program and even already use it. This is the right decision since all the documents that you create will not be lost. Most writers are faced with the fact that the text is accidentally deleted. But here all your files will be saved and conveniently organized. Besides, this program is the best option for working with text and is more reliable in terms of saving files than Word.

  1. Canva

This free wand rescue program for every freelance writer. Here you can create different graphics for your site or if the customer requires visual accompaniment to the text. There are templates for each social network, the ability to create infographics, business cards, and much more.

  1. Grammarly

If you want to make your text perfect in terms of punctuation and grammar, then create an account on this service. You can check any text for free for various mistakes. Moreover, this program also allows you to optimize the text in terms of style. Even if you are sure that you write without mistakes, do not be lazy to check the text here. Premium version also allows for plagiarism detecting.

  1. Hemingway App

If the previous app allows you to cope with grammar, then this will help you make the text readable. It is suitable not only for beginners but also for professionals. All problem areas and phrases will be underlined and you can sharpen the text to the ideal state so that your readers read it from beginning to end.

  1. Readable

Your text may seem perfect for you but unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that the users will share this opinion. And the skill of pure writing does not come immediately, so you have to use all kinds of tools to help make the text readable. Just this tool is a great option to reboot your text, and eventually, learn how the perfect text should look.

  1. Coschedule Headline Analyzer

The title plays a great role and sometimes it is even more important than the text itself. First of all, the reader pays attention to the heading and if it is boring and not attractive, then there is a chance that the text will not be read. This program will tell you how to optimize your headline so readers do not pass by.

  1. Cliché Finder

When you write a lot of texts on the same topic, and the fantasy slowly ends, cliches begin to appear in your mind. Many writers mistakenly believe that this is a certain style for a specific topic, but in most cases, this is the usual formation of a cliche. This application will detect the presence of cliches in the text and help you to correct it.

  1. Keywords Everywhere

Using keywords is a must-do for freelance writers whose task is improving SEO results. This Chrome extension will help to deal with keywords for any request. It will save you time searching for relevant keywords and display a graph. If you want to be a professional freelance writer, then working without this extension is impossible.

  1. Online Writers Rating

Sometimes there are so many orders that it is impossible to cope with them within the deadlines. To avoid this, you have to reasonably access your capabilities, but sometimes it is worth considering delegation too. To do this, you can use online services for writing texts and various academic papers. But to find a proven and decent service, check out the reviews on the Online Writers Rating site. There you will find reviews about each service and you can find a trusted assistant.

  1. Copyscape

There is no need to talk about the importance of the uniqueness of the text, as every writer understands it. For this reason, there is a need to use high-quality services to detect non-unique fragments in the text. Thanks to this application you can check if the text is unique.

Tools to Promote Your Services

The ability to promote yourself in the labor market is one more key to the success of your entire business. To do this, several apps will help you cope with this task.

  1. WordPress

To reach a professional level in freelance, you need to demonstrate your skills and sell your services in a quality manner. Use WordPress to create your website where you will demonstrate your work in the form of a portfolio. This software for creating a site will not cause difficulties in work, especially since many plugins are free to make your site unique.

  1. Medium

This platform is a great option to demonstrate your writing skills and even try blogging. This freelance network allows you to create a personal blog on any topic. This place is suitable to showcase your portfolio, find new customers, and even make money.

Devices to Make Your Work Comfortable

All these apps are surely great, however, there are also some gadgets to make your work effective and enjoyable.

  1. Headphones

Headphones with user-friendly design are an indispensable thing for a freelance writer for two reasons. Firstly, with them it is much more convenient to listen to music for inspiration, work and training. And secondly, they perfectly save from noise, especially if you have to work surrounded by children, parents, cats and dogs.

  1. Light-weight Laptop

Let’s face it – even the most avid working from home freelancers sometimes need to change their environment. Especially freelance writers, designers, and artists because their work depends on inspiration and energy fullness. A lightweight laptop makes it easy to change the home environment to the most non-standard but the most inspiring places. Of course, it’s convenient to work from a desktop computer, but sometimes it’s still better to have a backup option for a quick change of scenery.

  1. Eye-Pleasing Copybook, Pen and Pencils

We will tell you even more. Sometimes writing inspiration comes when you disconnect from gadgets, devices, and applications. When you pick up a pen and a blank sheet of paper and start to feel almost like Hemingway. Therefore, it is useful to have a regular paper notebook, as well as multi-colored pens, and pencils for writing, creating and drawing in free flight.

Do not waste time and start using each now. After using these tools and gadgets, you will be surprised how you worked without them before.

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Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing, and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German, and English.

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