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Best office productivity gadgets for Your Employee Comfort

Are you looking for ideas to make the workplace more enjoyable and productive for your employees? A comfortable working environment brings a focus and gives much-needed motivation for your team. You need to add productivity gadgets that will make life away from home better for your employees.  It’s often hard to ignore office gadgets that boost productivity and optimise the working on a day to day basis. These make office life more convenient by letting your employees get more work … Read more

Image to Word Converter

How to Convert Image to Word on Your Smartphone

How many times the following thing happened to you? You found an old scanned PDF document or an image, and you wanted to quickly access the text within, only to realize that the editable version of the file is nowhere to be found. Copying and pasting are not helping either. On the other hand, maybe you only want toconvert an image or a scanned document into MS Word so you can use it for another purpose. Just imagine if there … Read more

Productivity Apps for Your Smartphone

Best Productivity Apps for Your Smartphone

We are always busy and involved in some things that fill out an entire day. But, the question is: are we productive enough? Being busy doesn’t necessary means that we are productive. We can spend the entire day dealing with small things which don’t contribute to our overall goals and tasks. We can use our smartphone to a great extent to avoid these distractions and get more things done during the day. If you use certain apps, then you are … Read more