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HR and Wearable: The New Aladdin’s Lamp for Businesses?

HR and Wearable

What is wearable technology? Any device which could be wearable (whether in your wrist or head) like VR, headphone, wristwatches, etc. The kind of wearable we are talking about here is which can monitor or notify the parameters you need and also fits your wrist. Just like Fitbit does. But why wearable in HR? Studies reveal that business productivity will see a 10% rise with such intervention. Also, employee satisfaction will raise by around 5%.

Anyways, how? How an HR professional or team along with wearable technology can prove to be the genie for a business?

Wearable tech has held a strong position in a human’s life as well. The prime benefits include tracking heartbeats, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. for prompt signs of any underlying health problems or emergencies. It helps the fitness freaks in calculating distance covered through walking and much more.

So what are the main areas where the nexus of HR and wearable could prove to be a boon to a business? Listed below are some-

  • Employee management-

Wearables at the workplace can introduce a whole new concept of team and employee management. The wearable device at employees’ wrist notifies them in no time about their leave request approvals and any other company event. Also, the HR and manager could take action on the employee requests in a hassle manner.

  • Daily operations-

Daily operations which include communicating with your remote workers, time tracking, employee tracking, etc. can be performed by the wearable tech. Tracing your employees on remote destinations is a necessity. A client-based employee has to work at the remote place, resulting in which they would need a wearable device to mark their worked hours.

Also – By 2022, around 45% workforce would be working remotely. So the need for wearables. Also, the employee working asset/device too will be getting mobile.

Therefore, an HR and a wearable device can make your business a great match to the evolving world.

  • Time management-

As a result of wearables bringing the team closer and together, it will contribute to saving your time too. Lesser the distance, the lesser the communication barrier. Hand-held devices like wearables are really a great option when it comes to improving employee time management and thereby better outcomes are observed.

The time tracking feature in wearables helps you keep a closer eye on time expenditure which, will, therefore, help you manage time. You can control time expense if you have a good track of it.

  • Business productivity-

Wearables can drive a business towards unimagined success and productivity. The wearable device when integrated with an HRMS software gives a lot of insights to HR about the employee including their sleep patterns, heart pulses, weight, and much more, which, lets them organize appropriate health programs improving overall employee experience and workplace wellness.

Therefore, mixing up all the above-stated benefits, the HR team with wearable technology at the business can prove to be a great gem. In fact, Aladdin’s lamp! Isn’t it?


HR is a very important factor for performing or concluding with any activity and operations related to employees, management, or anything. So imagine the outcome you would get through the integration of an HR system and wearables.

Therefore, wearable technology holds a lot to revolutionize businesses thus, proving to be an Aladdin’s lamp.

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