smart tv app development

Smart TV App Development: Big Screen to Boost Your Streaming Business

smart tv app development

An online source revealed, ‘’the global smart TV market reported demand of 268.9 million units in 2020. This is further anticipated to reach 1.18 billion units by 2028, marking a growth of 20.8% CAGR from 2021 to 2028.’’

While traditional tv is still being used currently, the demand for OTT Tv apps is at an all-time rise. 

Smart TV has been a preferred choice amongst entertainment fans due to the easy on-demand content they can access.  OTT platform are rising rapidly because the former provides access to the original content at an affordable fee.

Thus investing in a smart TV is a better choice as users can view the on-demand content on a bigger screen. 

But how can app developers create an efficient smart tv app?

If you’re an app developer you’ll relate when we say that creating an application from scratch is a tedious process. From building components to investing in individual features and security, the process is tedious and time-consuming.

But with smart tv app development services, this issue has been eliminated. These services are reliable and offer a convenient solution to help build smart tv apps. 

To guide you better about smart tv application development, this blog will be your guide. 

5 Ways to Create Smart TV Apps

1. Use the right technology solutions

Creating a smart tv app requires multiple aspects to be considered. Today technology plays an important factor during smart tv app development. From the software architecture to the HTML coding, app developers need to use the right skills to develop an efficient smart tv application. 

Luckily with ready-to-use OTT solutions, the former takes care of everything and helps you build an instant smart tv application within a shorter time frame with its SDKs and pre-built components in place. 

2. Create the right size

The size of creating a smart tv app matters. These include the display size, screen resolution, text size, and more. When users make use of this application, they should be able to access it on any device without any hassle. This is the major reason why planning the size of the smart tv matters. 

3. Integrate remote control

Remote control has been the prime access of control when watching tv. With smart tv, having a remote control integration is a wise decision due to the easy access it provides to watch on-demand content. But these remote controls differ from the previous remote control present today.

 It has lesser buttons and only the required controls are present to watch any online streaming content. These days, voice control is present in these remote controls to make it easier to find any content. 

4. Easy navigation interface

As app developers, you need to ensure that the navigation on the best OTT platforms is easy and simple. With easy navigation, users can easily identify where they can search for quality content. There are times where users would exit a smart tv application because they found it difficult to access the on-demand content. Thus it is important that you create simple tutorials or help in the application for users to understand how to get started with the app. 

5. Test the app

The last factor you need to keep in mind here is to continue testing the application till you are confident that is ready to be launched in the market. Regular testing will help identify any issues which you could resolve sooner. Testing also ensures that you are delivering only the finest quality of the app to the users. 

Cost Price to Build Smart TV App in 2022

Now that you’ve considered building smart tv apps, you need to be aware of how much the entire process can cost you. 

There are certain factors that are included in the cost prices which are:

  • Operating system
  • UI/UX Design
  • Testing
  • Amount of features
  • Place of the app development company, etc

Wouldn’t it be better if you had this all taken care of?

Instead of you having to build a smart tv app, wouldn’t it be great if you could focus on growing this app instead?

There are great tv app developers that provide you with everything you need to develop an efficient smart tv application. Their features include:

  • 100% customization
  • On cloud hosting
  • Post-launch support
  • Paywall Integration
  • Live to VOD
  • Recommendation engine
  • Custom metrics
  • AES Encryption, etc


Smart tv apps are changing the way original content is being accessed in an on-demand format. 

Today the tedious process of creating an application has been replaced with smart tv app development companies. 

The services offered here help to build an efficient and successful OTT tv app with great features and the right security measures. These OTT solution providers are reliable and aware of what makes your smart tv app development better which is evident in the features they provide to you. So tell us, when do you plan to invest in this OTT tv development?

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