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7 Ways in Which Graphic Designers Can Get a Lot More from Instagram

Instagram is growing rapidly and it currently has more than 1 billion active users. It is a grand part of the lives of many people, especially aspiring businessmen. There are almost a million active advertisers on this platform, and many businesses are using Instagram to look for the best illustrators or graphic designers who will work for them or collaborate with them. If you are a graphic designer, and you are actively looking to collaborate with a reputed business, the first thing that you have to do is work on your Instagram profile.

It is crucial creating posts that are engaging and inviting so that it can reach a number of people worldwide. However, it is also equally true that doing so is not simple. You cannot just use the platform for cramming the post with a number of irrelevant hashtags or taking photos of what you are eating for lunch. It is also not about gaining the most number of followers. The user feed of Instagram shows photos only according to the relationships and interests that the user has. This is why it is even more important to create relevant posts right now so that they end up getting prioritized.

Given below is a list of the steps that you have to consider when you are looking forward to starting your career as a graphic designer.

Switching to business accounts

You have to switch to the business account from your personal account. This will allow you to get a proper insight into the followers, to keep a track on how the posts are performing individually, or create promotions. You can also add the contact button on your business account. You will also need a business page on Facebook for this as opposed to a personal account.

Writing a proper and interesting bio

Your bio has to inform the users about you, what your profession is, and it should also be able to depict your personality. You already know that Instagram prefers visuals and you cannot put up a grainy and blurry profile picture. You should use an image, which will clearly state what you are promoting or selling. The Instagram bio is the one and only place where you have the option of posting active links to your website. The link can also be of a project that you have completed recently.

Treating the feed like a portfolio

Your Instagram feed should be visually cohesive and your clients should be able to understand the style that you have, clearly. Your Instagram feed should be your portfolio. People take a really long time to recognize the work that you do, and this is why you have to keep posting all the designs that you have done throughout the years, in your Instagram account. You have to keep in mind as to how the shots will stand when they are placed side by side, and on the basis of that, you have to work on the variety.

You should ensure that all your designs have not been taken from a similar angle, and it is also crucial that you consider a color theme. Selecting proper filters is also important as they can say a lot about your work and you. You can also add posts that show how you have been working on a particular design. There are many clients who love looking at what you have been going through when you are working on a particular design. Moreover, this helps in adding charm to your personality.

Using hashtags and captions

Though Instagram is one of the best visual platforms, it works in a much better manner in attracting your clients if you can find the perfect caption for complimenting your posts. The best thing that you can do is to think of a unique and innovative caption along with relevant emojis. Including the call to actions in the captions also play a great role in reminding your clients where they can contact you for your services, or what they are thinking about the kinds of designs that you provide.

You can use hashtags for increasing the visibility of your posts, but it is important that you do not go overboard with it. Do not include more than ten hashtags in a single post. You can learn more about Instagram and graphic design by visiting Gramblast.

Using videos or Instagram stories

It is obvious that the videos that are posted on Instagram get more comments as compared to the images. You can also add Instagram stories, which is a fun and exciting way of engaging with the followers.

Engaging with your followers

When a follower comments on a particular post, it is best to acknowledge and show that you have read the comment. It is fun to interact with the people who follow you. Engaging with the followers is the best way of showing them how much you appreciate their presence on your Instagram account.

When you reply or like a particular comment, you are actually making a follower feel personally valued. There are chances that your followers will recommend your work to some reputed brand. Therefore, you should not forget to engage with them and show them your appreciation.

Posting regularly

Most of the reputed graphic designers post on a regular basis. When you are posting, you should not post more than one or two images, or you will end up spamming the accounts of the users. Conduct research on the time when most of your users are active and try to post at that particular time. According to records, Monday is the best day to drive more engagement, and it is going to be perfect if you post your image on that day.


Having a personal account on Instagram and stating that you are a graphic designer in your bio is not going to make any difference at all. Your clients will need strong evidence that you are a great graphic designer, and only then, they will hire you for their business. In the long run, you will definitely be a gainer.

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