Alienware and Dell Supercharge Mobile Gaming

Dell G3

Alienware and Dell are tapped into what the community wants – gaming solutions with more performance, portability, display technologies, and community benefits. This year at Computex 2019, Alienware and Dell will deliver on this and more. The new Alienware m15 and m17 as well as the Dell G3 15 are among Dell’s first gaming laptops to showcase a brand-new design and processors that supercharge the PC gaming experience. Two Alienware branded headsets, several new display technologies, a new esports investment … Read more

How to survive till last in Garena’s Free Fire?

Garena's Free Fire

If you love gaming, then you are in one of the best times for game releases. The market is booming and there are different kinds of games that one will find. A new genre has emerged known as the Battle Royale which is inspired by a Japanese movie of survival. In these games, you compete with other players to emerge as the last one standing. Mobile players will be happy to know that Garena Free Fire which was formerly known … Read more

Games Like Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Are you bored of playing Clash of Clans game daily? So why not switch to some other games with a similar pattern? Yes, guys, if you are bored of playing this game daily but want another game with the same pattern then here I am with the best 5 alternatives for you. This article will help you to find the other best options for you which you can play to entertain yourself. Clash of Clans is a kingdom building game. … Read more

Mobile Game Addiction

Mobile Game Addiction - How Can You Save Your Kids From Mobile Game Addiction

The impact of digital devices is very powerful. Kids easily get influenced by what they see on screen. Children are naïve and gullible, whatever they see or hear at this young age- impacts them tremendously. Especially kids between the age of 7 to 12, easily get carried away by the concept of mobile games. Technology is a boon to humanity, only when it overpowers us, it is a bane. Every parent is advised to download a simple yet essential app … Read more