How to Choose the Best Node.js Framework

The majority of modern applications are made on the Node.js runtime that follows the JavaScript language. However, it needs a specific framework to run and is known as a JavaScript framework. Many developers choose Node.js as it is user-friendly and high performing.

The main reason most developers use Node.js is its flexible approach, and as a developer, you can use JavaScript at both ends of the app. As a result, access to the source code becomes more effortless and boosts up the consistency. Moreover, as a developer, you can avoid complications due to the usage of the only JavaScript.


As there are different Node.js frameworks, it depends on the app developer for the one he chooses and the type of app he creates. As far as the best framework is concerned, it depends on the developer’s features. Here are the details of the frameworks and why you should choose them as a developer:


A brand new Node.js framework, Adonis.js is the best for developing microservices. You can make a server side app easily with the Adonis.js framework. Another advantage of Adonis.js is the unique syntax that you can work with.

As per the compatibility, Adonis.js can work natively with Koa.js and Mean.js. Moreover, it is the pioneer Node.js framework that is natively compatible with JSON APIs. It also provides optimum flexibility to a developer as it is not based on any opinionated framework.

You can rely on Adonis.js as the apps of some esteemed organisations like R5Stars and Caravello are made on this Node.js framework. The apps created on the Adonis.js frameworks are expected to be fast and scalable.



Koa.js is one of the best known Node.js platforms known for its simplicity. It is not complicated, and any new developer can make an app using this framework. It is best when you want to make a simple application.

This framework provides you with the freedom to add up several plugins. The usage of Koa.js can be done if the Express.js framework is out of order or goes un-updated for a long time.

The best you can get while using the Koa.js framework are features like catch command usage and avoiding the chaos related to the callback. Furthermore, Koa.js users can access the ecosystem of Express.js for information.



If you are creating a futuristic app, you might need much time to prepare the programs and several codes and run them accordingly. Sails.js has some automated generators that can quickly help you write the programs on the framework.

Another supportive feature making Sails.js the best framework is the presence of the Waterline feature. Due to its support, you would not need to enter any quarry language to access the ORM as a developer.

The Sails. Js framework can be the appropriate support system if you are developing an app for an enterprise that has to deal with a massive amount of data. Moreover, it can be best if you are into developing a game app or a chat room app.

So, these are some basic Node.js frameworks from which you can choose. The best Node.js development companies mostly use these frameworks. However, if you are still confused, try to ponder on the following qualities when selecting a specific Node.js software:

Updated versions

All updated node.js frameworks work more effectively than the un-updated ones. So, you need to search for the frameworks that are regularly updated. The upkeep for the framework also enhances when a particular one is updated periodically.


An enriched community makes a Node.js framework usable to a large extent as you can get a lot of programming related information. Older frameworks mainly have large communities. Remember to check if a newer framework is compatible with the older one when it comes to usage.


More scalable the framework, more it will be easier to work along. You can get the best performing frameworks that are well scalable. However, these frameworks might seem to be too complicated to use if you are either a beginner or making a simple application.

Easy testing

If a Node.js framework gives you comfortable testing conveniences, consider it to be the best from the rest that does not provide such a feature. Simplicity in terms of usage is another thing that you need to count upon. All you need to see if the framework comes with an active checker.

Easy customization

Any Node.js framework should allow you to customise the program as per the needs while developing a program. You should see if the framework will enable you to write simpler programs to apply the app’s customised features.

Presence of modules

A framework must comprise different modules that can help a developer design different kinds of apps quickly. If a particular Node.js framework includes only one module, you can only create a single application type.

Programming resources

The programming resources found on a specific Node.js framework make it worth using. So, you must check the resources before choosing the framework.

Final word

As a developer, it is your decision which Node.js framework you choose. However, you should talk with the client regarding his needs and expectations from the application he is paying for. Moreover, you should check what services the end-users can get from the application.

Choosing the best framework is crucial for the application because it directly affects the application’s overall performance. No client would settle for an application that is poor in terms of performance. You must carry out repeated tests with an application before it gets published on the store and the users can access it. In case of any drawback, you might get to the framework and resolve it.

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