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What Is The Function Of Advertising In Business And Marketing

The public may already know what the function of ott advertising is. Ads usually contain persuasive sentences. The invitation sentence is intended for you and other people to be willing and willing to buy goods or services offered by advertising media. Basically, advertisements can appear anywhere, both in print and electronic media. However, the form is still an advertisement that has the main function, which is to help a company to increase income. Of course, income can be achieved through consumer interest in purchasing the advertised product.

Advertisements as Providers of Information

Through an advertisement that is displayed in any media, of course, you will get information. Of course, this information is related to a product or service issued by a company. With advertising, the products or services offered by a company can be informed to the public. There is a lot of information that you can get through advertising. For example, information about the brand name of the product being offered. Or maybe you can get information about the composition of the product and the company that makes the product.

You can even get information about product prices and in areas where the product can be found. There is still a lot of other information that you can get with advertisements. If an advertisement offers services from a service, you will also still get information about the services offered. Information obtained from advertisements will certainly further enhance the positive image of the goods or services offered.

The next advertising function can also be seen in terms of communication. With the amount of information that you can get through advertising, it is enough to confirm that advertising functions as a communication link. The communication referred to here is communication between producers who make goods or services and consumers who are the target or target. Consumers are of course expected to increase their purchasing power through advertising. With advertising, it is hoped that consumers can get a lot of supporting information which of course is related to the goods or services that are sold and offered through advertisements.

An ad, of course, contains information about how you can contact the product manufacturer. So you can communicate with the manufacturers who make the product. Communication between consumers and producers in this digital era can be established through advanced technology media. For example, through a computer or cell phone connected to the internet network. Through this electronic media, you can communicate directly with the manufacturers who make the product. You can ask for information about the product in more detail and so on.

Advertising For Entertainment

Not only as a bridge for communication and providing information about a product, but an advertisement also functions as entertainment. Anyone must have an assessment of an ad. In general, an advertisement is considered to contain a concept with an entertaining nuance. Indeed, usually, an advertisement that comes in the form of a two-dimensional image on print media has striking colors and interesting words.

Sometimes brand ambassadors in an advertisement are also very entertaining and attract the attention of consumers. Likewise, advertisements that are served in the form of videos and the like. These ads usually contain interesting or funny video content and are often accompanied by a slogan. Sometimes the songs or product jingles offered in advertisements are also very interesting and pleasant to hear and see. Of course, advertisements like this will entertain all levels of society. Advertising looks very attractive and makes people want to always see it or watch it. This will make the advertised product always arise in the minds of the public.

Economic Functions and Social Functions

Economically, an advertisement is considered to be of benefit to various parties, namely producers and advertisers as well as consumers. Through advertising, the products produced by producers can be increasingly in demand. Meanwhile, for advertisers, of course, ads that experience success will provide greater financial benefits in the end. For consumers, of course, advertisements will provide a lot of information about a product so that consumers can buy products with full consideration.

An advertisement is of course a part of a marketing strategy. Therefore, every advertisement will always be made as attractive as possible in order to attract people’s attention. Not only that, but through this attractive advertisement, the public is expected to be interested and increase their interest in the advertised product. The increasing public interest will certainly increase the demand for a product.

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The increase in demand from the public or market demand is the target of an advertisement. Therefore, what is the function of advertising which is one form of this marketing strategy that must be made very attractive and persuasive? With the existence of attractive advertisements, buyer interest can increase so that the product is increasingly selling well in the market. Advertising is expected to stimulate consumers to pay more attention to a product and then buy the product. Basically, this is the main purpose of an advertisement, which is to market the product so that it will sell more in the market.

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