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7 Incredible Ways To Retargeting Audience With The Same Content

Inevitably, every online business feels the need to revive its presence before its audience. Most of the marketers take the tough road to retarget their audience. Some may indulge in compiling new pieces of information, while some redo their website for better engagement.

However, there are other ways (the easy ways) as well. Particularly, for those who struggle to make time for taking up complex tasks.

Since content is the only thing that can make or break your marketing plan, why not revamp it to target your audience with a fresh perspective?

Here, in this article, you shall find the top 7 ways you can modify your existing content to retarget your audience.

1. Spread Old Posts On Your Social Channels

You already have great content on your website. You’ve put your efforts into optimizing it with high volume keywords. But what if your target audience couldn’t find you? It might be a case, when your target audience is active on other platforms, and may not even be Googling for your business. Nevermind, you can still reach your audience. All you have to do is identify the platforms where they are active. For instance, you can start sharing your old posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other blogging networks. Or maybe, you can seek influencer collaboration to repost your content on their profiles. After all, social media channels are the second most widely used platforms by digital traffic.

2. Interlink The Old Posts With The New Ones

In case you are continuously posting fresh content, but still struggling to convert your traffic, you can interlink your old pieces with the new ones. Doing so can bring in dual benefits. One, it can generate new keywords for your anchored content, and consequently, for your website. Two, it can also help with creating an improved roadmap for crawlers as well as your users.

3. Turn Your Written Content Into Visual Content

One of the best ways to redo your old content is to change its form. For instance, if you have a short step-by-step guide, you can turn it into an infographic visual. Or you can also create and publish a video that explains the same content. By far, visual content has always been more effective in engaging with the audience. And, maybe, you can convert your traffic into leads and ultimately drive sales for your business. All you have to do is change your editorial piece into a script and create visuals for the same.

4. Update Your Content With Fresh Information

If you believe your old content is dead, here’s something for you. The article “8 Game of Thrones Marketing Lessons” from Digitrio explains different effective ways to bring content on your website back to life. And one of the ways they refer to is, updating your content. Not necessarily with all-new structure and information. By simply, adding more information to the same piece, and correcting if something has changed can do the trick.

5. Turn Your Testimonials Into Case-Studies

To add more value to your website, you can add the exceptional work that you’ve done. Accumulate the testimonials and feedback you’ve received from your patrons. This way, you can create a case study or maybe better, a portfolio for your business. After all, when tapping into new markets, you need your audience to put their trust in you. And what could be better than letting them know about the proficiencies that you’ve achieved till now!

6. Target Fresh Keywords Through Old Posts

While you are modifying your content with fresh updates, why not include new keywords into your content as well? Since the market is a constantly changing setup and not even the most loyal patrons will ever stay with your business forever. So why not optimize for a fresh market, a fresh set of eager audience? All you have to do is search for new terms relevant to your old posts. You can also make use of Google Suggestions for finding highly connected and bountiful keywords.

7. Break Your Guidebook To Form A Series

Lastly, you can break your large content pieces into smaller ones. For instance, if you have a complete guidebook on your website, it can be great to break the same into small chapters. Doing so can increase the number of pages and help you target more audience. Since the number of pages helps with SEO as well, you can expect a better flux of organic traffic on your website.

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Although the above-mentioned ways are more effective, that does not mean there are no other options to retarget your audience. So, keep exploring and reinventing your marketing strategies with innovative ideas.

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