Generate Effective Content

How To Generate Effective Content For Any Audience

One of the main challenges faced by businesses and individuals alike nowadays is how to generate effective content. There’s a long-standing meme that goes “content is king”, and this has never been more apparent than it is right now. If you don’t generate strong, effective content, you’ll never be able to take your brand to the next level; after all, your unique content is what your readers are here for. No matter what your audience may be, there are techniques you could be used to create long-lasting and consistently relevant content. Here are just some of our tips and tricks on how to do that.

Generate Effective Content

Know your audience

Every brand has a specific demographic it’s aiming to please. If your brand doesn’t have a demographic, it’s not because you’re “all things to all people”, it’s because you haven’t settled on the right target audience yet. A spiritual blog that’s intended to help its audience calculate a life path number doesn’t have the same keywords or SEO optimization as a blog geared towards musicians, for example. If you want to create effective content, you’ll need to do extensive demographic research on who your audience is and what they want.

Define your aims

What exactly is your content aiming to do? For most brands, the answer will be simple: promote a product or service. Through intelligently-written copy, well-made video content, or podcasting, for example, you’re looking to show your audience why your product or service is the best option out there. Some brands may differ, though, so it’s important that you define and set out your aims early on in the process. Sit down with your staff (if you have any) and brainstorm. If it’s just you, think hard about your brand and what your content represents within it.

Establish performance indicators

Just like your brand’s overall aims, there will be different performance indicators (or KPIs) for every brand. If you’re strongly commercially-minded, you might set yourself a KPI of generating a certain amount of revenue within a time period. Perhaps you’re a blogger and you want to measure your success by how many comments you receive on each post or how many social media shares you manage to get. Whatever your particular key performance indicators may be, make sure that you’ve established them and are working towards them each time you generate new content.

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Constantly reassess content

As you create and promote your content, you may come to realize that some of it are doing more harm than good, or that you don’t need to keep hosting certain pieces of content. As well as this, social media platforms are always changing up their algorithms as Instagram did back in 2016. These changes can be great opportunities for you to think about whether your content is actually working for your current audience. If not, maybe it’s time to update that content or clear it from your blog or channel in favor of something entirely new.

Look at your metrics

You won’t be able to get an accurate idea of exactly how your content is performing if you don’t look at your metrics. These numbers will tell you how much engagement there is from outside sources – how many inbound links you’re getting, for example, or how much social media chatter there is about you – which will help you understand how content is converting. With these numbers, you can change up your content strategy and know that what you’re doing is going to work. Without metrics, you’re essentially marketing into a void.

Check out your competitors

What sort of content is being created by your competitors? Who are they aiming for their content at? Is it the same demographic you’re targeting? If so, you might be able to co-opt some of their marketing strategies and use them yourself. Obviously, you shouldn’t plagiarise your competitors’ content, even accidentally; it’ll be quickly found out and your brand will irreparably suffer for it. You should instead do careful market research on your competitors. Find out how they’re creating their content and whether there’s anything you can learn from them.

Don’t be ashamed to outsource

There’s a good reason that many content creators freelance for different companies. You may simply lack the skills or time to generate consistent content yourself, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of in that. When that happens, it’s a good idea to seek out freelancers who can create content for you. Make sure you provide them with a detailed brand brief; they won’t be able to get across your brand’s core values and message if they don’t know what it is, after all. With a carefully curated strategy, freelancers can really boost your brand’s organic engagement.    

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