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6 Incredible Ideas To Market Yourself As A Freelancer On Instagram

Instagram is a potential platform to grow your business as well as you with plenty of ideas. Most people think that Instagram is a place to grow only the business and a platform for artists to bring out their creative content. But Instagram gives life for all the users on this platform with enormous opportunities to serve with manageable revenue in it.

The freelancers grow their business to a higher level on Instagram with their engaging content among large audiences. They also find a way to increase their network with new clients for their business and gain more orders. Like other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., Freelancers get more benefits on Instagram also by achieving higher profit.

With more than one billion user base on Instagram, freelancers use this as a great opportunity to build their career with the below useful ways.

1. Make An Interesting Bio

Instagram serves as an excellent tool for entertaining people all over the world. But for freelancers, it becomes a challenge to approach users and gain more new clients for their business. Your bio on Instagram is a way to explore you as a freelancer to your visitors and direct them to your website. Instagram provides a bio area of only 150 characters, and it is in your hand to make it engaging and tell people about your freelancing business in an attractive way.

The bio on your account is the main reason to convert the visitors as your followers. Your bio description should have engaging and eye-catching content to grab the audience’s attention easily. The description on your bio should not be more professional or dry and make it curious for visitors to follow you. The important thing is to include a link on your bio that can be either your website link or any landing page to direct your follower. Also, you can include your contact info along with your location to connect with your followers.

2. Stick On A Goal

Freelancer On Instagram,Market Yourself As A Freelancer on Instagram

Know the purpose of being on Instagram and decide an objective to grow your freelancing business. As a freelancer, there are only three basic reasons for using Instagram.

  • Increasing clients or sale to your business
  • Improving traffic to your website
  • Promoting your business

These are the essential factors to be focused on by each freelancer to grow their business. Focus just on one thing will surely give a better result in your business. Decide your posting content depending on your goal and what fits your freelancing business. For example, if you are a writer, your goal is to create brand awareness and increase engagement. Link your work with the content you post on Instagram to know your business easily and recognize you by your followers. Setting a specific goal on Instagram is very important to define your business to Instagram users and create a unique place.

3. Utilize The IGTV Feature

Freelancer On Instagram,Market Yourself As A Freelancer on Instagram

The important marketing strategy on Instagram to grow your freelancing business is to provide the post in the form of video. The video content performs well compared to the image content, so prepare videos to connect with new audiences and get new clients for your business that create an impact on your followers. Usually, Instagram allows users to publish video content for one minute and then comes up with an IGTV feature to help marketers and freelancers to explain their thoughts to audiences in detail.

You can upload videos for about 15 minutes on IGTV and keep your followers engaging throughout the video with your creative content. The long and attractive content can increase your IGTV video views to gain more engagement that can convert viewers into your potential followers. If you gain followers, then it will be easy for you to convert them into your clients with your consistent and exciting posts.

4. Hashtags – Improving Visibility

Freelancer On Instagram,Market Yourself As A Freelancer on Instagram

If you want to reach heights on Instagram for your business, then using essential hashtags on every post will lead to the success of your freelancing business. Hashtags are an important factor in improving your visibility among a wider user base. Make your content visible to new audiences with the use of relevant hashtags and gain traffic to your profile. You will get the list of hashtags on the search bar by typing a relevant keyword. Choose from those hashtags which are used in moderate posts. It will help you to gain more traffic than the hashtags used on more posts.

While finding hashtags, you will also get chances to view your competitors’ content or connect with any of the users to gain knowledge about your freelancing business and implement it to get better results very quickly. Refine your page according to the expert’s suggestion by interacting with them.

#5. Bring Out Thoughts Through Stories

Freelancer On Instagram,Market Yourself As A Freelancer on Instagram

The creativity and thoughts will differ for each person, and some will be appreciable. So, Instagram provides a way to explore your talents and ideas through the Instagram Stories feature. Posting your content on stories will perform well with higher engagement for your business. More than 500 million users share their thoughts on stories daily. You can easily engage with your followers by exploring the positives of your business and connecting with them personally.

Bring out your profession in your stories that may get chances for many business people to know you and may connect with you if your businesses are interesting. The stories will be present on your follower’s feed for just 24 hours, so give the content in the best way. Instagram stories are also designed with additional features of stickers, filters, etc., to ask direct questions or get any suggestions from your followers. Some of the exciting stickers include,

  • Question sticker
  • Quiz sticker
  • Countdown sticker
  • Location
  • Music, etc.,

6. Give Coupons And Discounts

Exciting information on Instagram is that more than 56% of people follow brands to get the update regarding the promotions or offers in their sales. Likewise, to drive more clients to your page, use coupon codes or any discounts to make your freelancing business an effective one. Run campaigns to reach your target audiences with the promo codes on your post to grab the audience’s attraction to your business.

If your business is like writing captions to small or large business people to improve their marketing, then attract audiences by sharing some valuable ideas in creating great captions and make them your potential client with your interactions.

Wrapping Up:

Instagram marketing for all types of businesses will work out well only if you have an attractive profile on your page. Use some tips and tricks in a practical way to engage audiences and build a good relationship with them. Creating an amazing bond between you and your audience may lead you to get support from them. So, with the above tips, grow your freelancing business with your creativity on Instagram.

AUTHOR BIO: Caterina Taylor is an experienced social media marketer and writer who works at She loves to work on content creation for social media blogs and has the potential to deliver engaging content on various platforms and networks.

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