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15 Reasons Why You Should Start Marketing Your Business on Social Media

Have you been considering social media marketing for your business but are skeptical about it? Well, over 90% of all marketers admit that marketing their business through social media has exponentially increased their brand exposure. Marketing has evolved and traditional marketing is being replaced with digital marketing. Here are 15 reasons that will help you understand why this change has become prevalent.

1. Social Media Augments Targeted Traffic

Regardless of the industry you work in, most of your target audience is bound to be on social media. The number of people using social media channels is increasing by the day. Having an active social media presence not only attracts new customers but also helps in establishing credibility. Social media posts enable your audience to visit your website often thus improving the traffic. You can easily capitalize on page views and visitors.

2. Social Media Marketing Helps in SEO rankings

Posting consistently on social media with backlinks can immensely boost your rankings. A single link with impeccable content can make your website rank higher when shared on social media. Resharing the links is also a good way of gaining visitors.

3. Social Media Boosts Your Reach

While writing a new piece of content, you can quote experts in the field and give them a back-link. Once your post is published, you can request them to share it on their social media channels. This will give you more traffic as people will visit your website.

4. Social Media Helps in Understanding the Customer

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook enable direct interaction with customers. This helps you understand your audience and their pain points better. You can then create your strategy accordingly keeping the customer demand in mind.

5. An Excellent Social Media Presence Builds Customer Loyalty

Your customers aren’t interested in pushy content and a sales pitch. Instead, they are looking for meaningful information that can help them in some way. Engaging the audience with social media activity boosts customer loyalty.

6. Leveraging Through Social Media Ads

You can run ad campaigns that are built around customer needs. For instance, Facebook ads enable you to target customers of specific age groups, education, location, and industry. This helps you reach out to potential customers.

7. Social Media Helps You Gain Local Attention

Small businesses usually revolve around communities and individuals. Social media gives you an opportunity to establish a connection with these people and engage with them. Your business can also gain media coverage by organizing local events. Be it a trade show or charity fundraiser, you can always post pictures of it on social media. This activity helps in increasing brand recognition.

8. Provides Great Customer Service Through Social Media

Not responding to customer queries can make you lose business. Fortunately, social media helps you to stay connected with customers so that you can solve their queries.

9. Social Media Can Be Used to Drive PR Activities

Traditionally, press releases used to be the way a company would announce their latest updates. However, social media has given a modern twist to the concept of press releases. You can now communicate any news or information to audiences in a more casual and personal way. The customers can also ask any questions then and there.

10.  Help compete in The Social Space

Did you know that 91% of retail brands use at least a couple of social media platforms? If you wish to compete with other brands in your industry, then having a social presence is a must! Building a good following and keeping them engaged can give you a competitive advantage.

11.  Social Media Marketing Improves Sales

An experienced social media marketing agency can help you get more sales through social channels. You can also influence the customer’s buying decisions through social media. Maintaining a good presence also enables you to rewards buyers with coupon codes and discounts.

12.  Helps reach out to Potential Customers

Social Media Marketing is an excellent way of reaching out to people who haven’t yet used your products or services. With a good hashtag strategy and brand placement, you can familiarise people with your business.

13.  Social Media Presence Reflects Credibility

Customers considering your services/products are most likely to check your online presence first. It is important to show them that you hold authority in your field. Social Media Marketing can help you showcase your leadership.

14.  Improved ROI on Social Media Ads

Boosting the posts which are most relevant for your audience will help you get excellent results. The traffic on your website will increase and you will get more leads than ever.

15.  Social Media Improves Revenue

An established social media agency can help you get more revenue through social media marketing. You are bound to experience more inquiries and better conversions.

Thus, you can earn more profit and reach out to your target audience by using social media marketing. If you don’t have a social media presence yet, you can start today to experience the various benefits of marketing on social media platforms.

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