3 Benefits of Using Instagram for SEO

Instagram is the best platform to upload and filter images related to your personal and professional life. Now, does this photo-sharing platform give your business the required boost on Google’s search pages? Yes, it does and you can leverage Instagram for search engine optimization (SEO). Brands depend on SEO to make their presence felt online. It is important for the growth and expansion of their business. Besides traditional marketing tactics, new-age companies and digital marketers are experimenting with the role and importance of Instagram in improving their SEO efforts. According to experts, the platform contributes to your website’s rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Are you still thinking? Here are the three most important benefits of using Instagram for SEO:

  • Improves Your Search Rankings

Almost all internet users love Instagram and are obsessed with this photo-sharing site. Did you know that 55 million or more images are shared every day? This figure is growing with time. You can make the most out of Instagram by learning how to use the pictures in a smart way and share them with your targeted audience. You should also learn how to use marketing campaigns and promotions to get the desired results. For example, you can browse through your photo albums and choose photos of the places and events that you have visited for your business purposes. You can use these pictures to fill your Instagram business profile. To improve rankings, share your photos daily and ask people to visit your website by clicking on the link in the bio section. This way you will get Instagram followers. Engage with them and build a powerful fan base for your brand.

  • Draw Attention to Your Brand

Instagram can take your brand to the next level and boost your site’s rankings in the SERPs provided you know how to use the profile information section. Integrate an appropriate image such as your company logo. Make sure that you include high-resolution and relevant pictures to pique user interest. In this way, you can get more free Instagram likes for your post.

  • A Sound Content Plan Will Drive Traffic

The link in your bio is the only clickable URL that you can use to drive traffic to your website. However, you must have a website or blog that you can link to the URL in your bio. The blog page with its new and unique content will drive traffic to your website. To achieve this goal, you must have a content plan in place. Promote two or three blogs based on how many posts you publish in a week. You can also post images of newly launched products and share the product page URL in the bio section for driving traffic to the website. Last but not least;use-relevant hashtags for each post so that Instagram users can easily find your photos and videos.


Be creative, smart, and imaginative to use Instagram for improving your SEO efforts. If you know the rules, this photo-sharing site is sure to improve your site’s rankings in the SERPs, generate brand awareness, and motivate buyers to buy your products or services. You can also take help from a professional social media marketing company to help you reach your goals.

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