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Types of security cameras

Security Camera

The security camera is one of the basic devices without which surveillance is incomplete, whereas the more it seems to buy one to secure the property the mare it is a complex process in one way or another. If you are not aware of a nonprofessional and want to buy a nice security camera to make your property safe and sound, then it’s like eating more than you are able to chew, therefore it is better to have some assistance with the professional or to do some homework on your own to avoid the inconvenience.

The given below are the types you will find of security cameras in the market.

Bullet security cameras

This type is the most common and a precedent form in security cameras. They are in a cylinder or bullet-shaped camera comprised of a small body like structure. They are easy to mount on the wall with the help of its three directions mounting axis, with it is able to rotate ninety degrees diagonal and provide you the front view in a better way. They take sometimes less space, but they are infrared bullet camera then it might take a little bit more space to rotate and capture the view. These bullet cameras are further divided into more types depending on the usage of the customer, in which most commonly used analog CCTV security cameras, AHD and TVI cameras, etc.

Dome security camera

Dome security cameras are best suited to the indoor environment like a home, office, stores, and bars, it is a stylish way of surveillance system provide you a most amazing range of field, credit goes to its shape and body. This camera is best to mount on the ceiling, the way it looks like no one can tell where the lens direction and what its aim is. It keeps everyone in the frame alert with the facade that they are the one who has been captured, hence reduces the chances of peoples wrongdoing. While buying a dome, you must not forget the night vision if the place where you are about to install is dark, then there is a varifocal dome in which you can adjust the focal where it is much needed.

PTZ security camera

PTZ security camera is a hybrid camera with the facility of handling mechanical operation by yourself, which includes tilt, pan, zoom in and zoom out. These are to be controlled via joystick or the software of the company, in this way the camera is able to move its neck wherever you want them to look and capture the view. Moreover, this camera is itself able to track the movement when any activity is detected within the field of the lens.

Wireless IP security cameras

This camera eliminates the cost of wires and wire mess around the area nor it requires any electrical box. It is compact in size and comprises the features in its body structure. Its installation is pretty much easy, sends you clips via the internet wherever you are around the world. In addition whenever any motion is detected it instantly sends you an alert via email or alerts you through message. Further, in the absence of night vision this camera exceptionally great even in the low light.

Vandal-proof security cameras

These are the one that usually comes in dome-style but you can find them in others as well. The vandal-proof security camera is better suited in shops, industries, bars, hotels and all those places where there is a possibility of destruction and rushing.

These are few but common types of security cameras you will find in the market with ease. Hope this article has given you the essence of the security camera, with the help of which you are able to buy a security camera that exactly matches your need and perform to its optimal, just the way you want them to.

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