Top 5 Apps To Improve Your Home Security

Making your home more secure is indeed a top priority. A high-quality security system is essential to protect your home and your family from intruders. However, even the most excellent security camera may lack in some features, and you may have already found yourself wondering how to improve your security and the efficiency of your CCTV.

In the era of technology, your smartphone proves again to be the best ally in your fight against intruders. In other words, there is a vast number of apps that can help you improve your security, and make your home safer.

Here you will find the 5 top apps to improve your home security: are you ready to try them all?

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  • iSentry 

You don’t necessarily need an expensive and sophisticated security system to watch over your home. With iSentry, you can transform your computer webcam into a motion-detecting surveillance system. 

First, you need to turn your computer into the room that you want to monitor. The camera will be activated automatically when it senses a movement. At this point, you can choose to record a video or take pictures of whatever is happening in that area.

Although iSentry works with any web camera, you may experience some compatibility problems with software that weren’t made from Apple. Nevertheless, an Android version of this app is available on Google Store.

  • Reolink

Reolink is believed to be the best option for those who have never used a home security app and are thus looking for something that does not require a sophisticated system. 

This app works with its plug and plays IP cameras which don’t need any configuration. Besides, it has a user-friendly interface, perfect to use and check anytime.

Reolink is completely free to install and use. It enables a live video stream of your camera anywhere and anytime. 

The IP cameras are surely worth their prices, with their 5 megapixels or even 4 megapixels super HD. On the other hand, Reolink works only with its security system. If you already own one, and you do not intend to change it, you will need to find another app. Luckily, you are just reading the right guide.

  • i-Security

The majority of home security apps allow you to monitor one single room. In fact, your smartphone usually offers only limited control over your home security system, making difficult to check on your home.

If you want to take your home security system to the next level, you should try i-Security. This app allows you to watch the live streaming from different cameras via your surveillance system. 

You can either use your camera via 4G/3G internet, Wi-Fi or even set up the application on multiple servers. 

It must be noted that there is, however, a small minus point: this app stops working when your computer turns into sleep mode.

  • Ivideon 

Ivideon is indeed a good security camera app that includes the possibility to send audio back. In addition, you can live stream from any device and location and save it in your cloud storage.

This is, by far, one of the more accessible home security apps to use. However, you may encounter some compatibility issues with iOS devices.

  • SecureHome

If you are looking for an all-inclusive home security app, you will find SecureHome just perfect. This app allows you to receive email alerts if your webcam detects anything suspicious in your house. In addition, it triggers an alarm to scare away intruders.

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Why it is essential to use one of the top apps for home security?

You may have heard of people having issues with their home security system, especially when monitoring their houses via smartphone. 

Sometimes you receive notifications that your alarm was triggered, and you run home only to find out that it was one of your family members who entered a room without disarming it. In other cases, the alarm may be triggered by your dog just walking in your garden.

Another common issue that you may have already experienced with home security apps is that they can shut down occasionally. If you are not aware that your app is not working, you will not receive any notifications in the case of intruders trying to enter your house.

In other words, it is essential to use only the top apps for home security. Indeed, the possibility to transform your computer into a security system tool is very useful. However, you must learn how to take advantage of this feature and rely on your smartphone to control your home.

Do not forget to check whether your chosen app is available for either iOS or Android. In fact, some applications may work better for one of those operating systems.

Now you are really ready to improve your home security!

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