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Top 4 Myths About Surveillance Technology

A lot of times, information that is not entirely true and lacks factual backup becomes the norm. This is usually as a result of that same information gaining acceptance and propagation. Most times, this is usually possible when people do not question the facts backing such information. Sometimes, it can also be a result of a singular incident getting generalized. Even if it happens to many people at a particular time, it is not an assurance that it will always happen. A lot of people are guilty of this. Someone may generalize a dog always chasing people whenever they enter into a particular compound without considering the factors involved. Does the dog bark at everyone? Does it bark at only strangers? Does it bark at people at a particular time? These and others are the questions you should be asking yourself. Instead, pf doing so, the victim of such a situation will quickly draw a line to connect dots that are not there.

Every aspect of is having its own fair share of statements without factual backup. Some of them are so funny that you wonder if the person who propounded such a theory really thought it over. You will hear somebody saying something like “a hidden camera clock does not produce footage with high quality”. If you follow up the case, you will observe that the person saying this has probably been going for the cheap hidden cams with low picture quality. Going by my example, you will see that I am inclining my discussion towards security. This is because, during the course of this article, we will be discussing the top four myths about surveillance technology.

All security cameras are HD

This is the same as saying all security cameras are the same. We have various types of cameras. Some cameras work like a dash cam with night vision. They have infrared technology that makes them do so. To be quite honest, security cams usually give basic quality when it comes to footage production. The standard cams are affordable and can you can recognize something or someone in that footage without much fuss. Most surveillance systems do not even support high definition cameras. So most firms using surveillance technology usually go for basic cameras.

You can upgrade security cameras footage

When I say basic, I do not mean “manageable”, I mean “okay”. This myth usually comes up when an individual or a firm opts for a cheap surveillance system. One thing is certain with a cheap surveillance system, it will come with cheap products. Cheap products mean that you will have to manage everything including the image quality. The idea of managing the image quality is not really feasible. There is hardly an app that I know of that can upgrade the quality of the footage recorded by such a camera. The best most apps can do is to “sharpen” the image or video for you. It will do this by reducing or increasing the contrast of the picture while adding more color to it as the case may be. This does not always work especially if you are working with a picture you zoomed into to capture.

Security cameras can store endless footages

This is also not entirely true. No matter how big a container is, it will surely get full at one point or the other. Your surveillance system consists of a data storage aspect. Without this aspect, all the footage your camera records are stored here. People tend to think that the storage space is endless probably because they have been storing information on the data aspect of their surveillance system. As long as it is an offline storage means then it is limited. The only way you can claim to have an unlimited storage system for your surveillance system is when it is connected to a cloud computing system.

Surveillance is all about fishing out criminals

This is one reason why people see surveillance as being creepy. A lot of people do not like the surveillance systems and I always wonder why. A lot of them believe it is for catching criminals or those who err. The truth is, that is just one aspect of pf surveillance. Permit me to relate it with family life. Do you check on your kids only because you do not want them to be kidnapped? The answer is no. You watch over them to be sure they are not having a fever or running temperature. You also watch over them to ensure that have good grades. You also watch over them because you want to observe certain signs and stop them from putting your children in harm’s way. This is similar to surveillance technology. Surveillance is not only a reactive measure but a proactive one as well. It is not just about catching criminals but also protecting the common man. With a good surveillance system, you will able to identify an area that trips people and causes them to fall. This will help you take adequate measures to counter that issue.

The truth can sometimes not be totally truthful when we start to experiment with it. There are a lot of other myths about surveillance technology. They include “more pixel is important” or “more pixel means better image quality”. These instances are not lies but they are only specific truth. You may only need a camera with more pixels if you are dealing with an area that has lots of elements like a car park or supermarket. This is in addition to the fact that you have fewer cameras. The myth of “cameras” can see everything is also not true. The view of your camera is based on the positioning of that camera. In other words, learn to identify specific truths to avoid generalizing them.

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