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How to Sell your Mobile phone Safely

Most of us have had an old phone that served us well but now we no longer need it. In some cases, we look forward to buy a brand new phone but don’t have enough money to buy it and the high price of the new smartphone can be a hard pill to swallow. But there is a way through which you can make some cash to afford the expensive luxury phone. And that is to sell your old phone.

Luckily, the internet exists, so there are some great ways to sell your old gadget online without going out of your home.

How to sell your mobile phone

Below, we will take a look at some of the best places available online to put your phone up for sale.


eBay is the most obvious place to sell your product online. This online marketplace is very famous across the globe for buying and selling. The platform will give you access to potential buyers for your product.

Create your account in very easy steps and list your phone. You can use eBay app as well to list your old phone.

Snap pictures of your phone, fill in the description and list your phone. Monitor the bids and reply to the potential bidder privately.

Your phone is visible to thousands of buyers. It is an excellent place and service to sell your products. The only downside is that eBay has its fee. It will charge you for selling your items.


Gumtree is another established online marketplace to sell things. It is less by-the-book selling service compared to its bigger rival eBay. For listing the products, Gumtree has the same function as eBay but differs as you have to arrange for the potential buyer to collect the item.

While selling phone you have to be a little careful. Only sell that phone which works well and always meet the buyer in a public place. Not every buyer from Gumtree is a stealer but still, you have to be careful.

Sell The Mobile

SellTheMobile.com is a cool website with lots of deals. It’s an online marketplace and rapidly growing mobile phone recycling comparison website in the UK. You can even sell your broken iphone on the site. Visit the website, choose your phone’s make and model and get some quoted prices for your phone from different mobile phone purchasing companies. Sell your phone at your desired price and get the money by Cheque or Bank transfer.

Music Magpie

Music Magpie is another site with the attraction of selling your old phone in good cash. Just visit the site. Type your phone that you want to sell, select its storage capacity and physical condition and there you go.

Music Magpie offers pretty decent prices even if your phone is a couple of years old. Another good point, you can sell your phone even if you do not have its charger or box.

So, visit the site, type your phone and get started.


If you want your product to be seen globally, then Amazon is the platform for you. Once you listed your phone on Amazon, your listing can appear on very popular search terms. It’s a decent alternative to eBay.

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