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Noticeable Things to Avoid When Using Mobile Phone

You can be confident that you own the best technology products, so you don’t have to care it much but it is still durable. That’s wrong.

The way you use your Smartphone can greatly affect the life of it. Using one mobile phone, in the long run, can help you save a considerable amount of money on phone because the price of a new phone is not cheap. Here are some tips to help you extend the life of your phone.

Stop charging the phone overnight

Charging your phone every night is probably a familiar habit of those who are using this technology device, but this is also the thing affecting the battery the most.

The average time of each charge usually takes about 2.5 hours or more depending on the power and battery capacity of each device. Therefore, it is inevitable that many users often have the habit of charging the phone overnight. However, this not only causes your phone to overheat and its life will reduce significantly but it also costs you a lot because the electricity consumed at night is much higher. If you keep this habit, you will have to buy a new battery sooner.

Avoid charging while using the phone

According to the manufacturers, although using the phone while charging has a huge negative impact on the phone, many people still don’t care about it. Not only does this damage your phone but it also is very dangerous for your health.

Because charging the phone emits magnetic fields, it will harm the health of the user and in fact, there are cases of people suffered burns from holding the phone while using it and sleeping.

Therefore, right now, if you want to protect your health and protect your phone, you have to stop this immediately.

Avoid using the phone until the power goes down

Based on some research, using the phone until the power goes down is really a serious mistake because the battery will gradually lose its voltage, leading to the situation of battery bottle, battery running out quickly. Specifically, the exhausted current will make the voltage in the battery unstable, which will lead to a significant effect on battery life. For Li-ion or Li-Po batteries, the most reasonable charging time is when the phone indicates a red battery level or about 20%.

Don’t use your phone in the rain

Sometimes because of some important calls or an urgent call to someone, many people still accept to use the phone even when it is raining, even though they know that it is not good.

It can be said that water is inherently an “enemy” with electronic equipment, if your phone accidentally gets caught in the rain, it is really harmful.

Don’t use leather case

Currently, the first choice of many phone users to protect their phones is to use a case, especially the leather case. With eye-catching, durable, diverse designs, phone cases are chosen by many people.

However, for some phone types, the phone will easily be heated when using the case. In some cases, it may interfere with the antenna of the phone.

Some types of cases can cover important areas like voice microphone and noise-canceling microphone. Therefore, you should pay attention to when buying a phone case.

Give the phone a break

Some people have a habit of using the phone repeatedly but not let it rest. This is really harmful to your phone and you should stop it.

According to phone experts, to optimize the battery on mobile devices as well as to extend the life and limit the problems when using, users should have the habit of shutting down when not needed. This gives your phone the time to rest, which is of help in prolonging the life of the phone.

Avoid dropping the phone

Frequent dropping the phone will damage the circuit boards inside your phone, or even worse, the screen can be broken.

You have to take the cost of taking it to a place for a warranty or a store to ask them to fix. At this time, you not only have to spend money, but it also affects the quality of the phone. Therefore, you should be careful to avoid dropping the phone when using it.

Use screen protector for smartphones

Many people believe their top smartphones equipped with scratch-resistant glass screens, so they do not use screen protectors on their phones. Only when the screen appeared a long, noticeable scratch, did they feel regret? Therefore, it is best to use a screen protector to protect your mobile phone. When scratching occurs, one obvious thing you have to do is to spend money on a new screen.

Besides the above notes, you should also pay attention to regularly clean your phone to keep the phone clean. Additionally, you need to remember that when you are done using an application, you should turn it off to save battery power and also keep your phone working smoothly. Do you know any more ways to make your phone durable? Share with us.

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