using Virtual Reality in events

The Do’s and Don’ts of using Virtual Reality in events

Virtual Reality in events

Advantages of Virtual Reality:

Education with Virtual Reality

There are many different ways to get education for people, knowledge and skills in a specific field. These processes include classrooms, lectures, iPad, Tablet, computers and other related electronic devices. In last year’s new virtual technology has been changing the way of education and learning behaviors for students and also improved the teaching methods for teachers. The choice of education depends on a specific access to virtual technology and the person surrounding.

Access Everywhere with Virtual Reality

In the past, we didn’t have a facility to see what is going in our neighbor country, we could just hear the news and imagine things. But virtual reality solved this problem. Now we can go there and it will feel like real doesn’t matter, we sat on the couch in our house we also can go in the last corner of the world, at the highest point of the Mount Everest.

 We could see how the culture of peoples which are living in African forests is. We just listened and read the stories of the people who visit there. But virtual reality solve this issue. Through the virtual reality we could go anywhere at any time.

Business Extend with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is also very beneficiary for business point of view. In the early years, the company didn’t know what his workers are doing in their offices which is located across the world. We could just email them and take a report about their work.  But we could check what our employees are doing across the world. Through the virtual reality people saw the 360 degree view.

Virtual worlds have three dimensions. The worlds which made by computers are the extension of existing internet. Although a lot of businesses are transferring into the virtual world. Almost every company wants to extend his business increase his sales. Therefore they always try to engage with the customers, virtual reality made this a lot easier to reach to the customers in an effective way.

Disadvantages of Virtual Reality

Highly Expensive

One of the main disadvantage of virtual reality headset or games is that everyone could not afford it. It is highly expensive and people who cannot afford virtual reality technology, they have another option. They could hire VR headset from VR hire companies


Usually the virtual reality users have feeling of worthlessness. They though that they are running from the real world and occasionally this feeling is could be very harmful for them.

Users addiction of virtual reality

The users could be addicted by virtual world and navigate the non-virtual situation. This addiction could be the reason of different health issues with them.

Technology is still need development

Though the virtual reality technology has been used in many different fields, but it is still in the development process. It is not fully developed yet. The Virtual reality has many problems. Therefore, virtual reality didn’t accept fully.

For the replacement of this technology most of companies used the iPad technology for their business process, they hire the iPad from iPad rental companies for short term of period at low rates. They complete their work through this iPad rental offer and gets benefit from it.

VR environment is Fictional world

Another disadvantage of virtual reality is the person who has been trained in a virtual reality world and it is possible he could be very well in that environment, but he could fail in the real world. Perhaps, it will not deliver the same effort and results in real life environment, conditions, rather than in Virtual Reality environment.

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