Phantom 4 RTK Firmware Released

What’s New on Phantom 4 RTK Firmware?

DJI Phantom 4
  • When planning Photogrammetry, Linear Flight, Terrain Awareness, and Block Segmentation operations:
  • Added a Metering Mode option in Camera Settings. The default is average metering as it best serves mapping applications.
  • Added Relative Altitude in operation parameters to set the relative height between the takeoff point and the operation area. NOTE: Make sure to set the correct relative height to ensure the results contain appropriate overlap ratios.
  • Max’s flying speed is now displayed with an accuracy of up to one decimal place.
  • When planning Terrain Awareness operations, mission areas can be created by importing KML/KMZ files.
  • Exported mission files now include elevation optimization data.
  • Log-ins to the DJI GS RTK app are valid for 60 days instead of 7 days.
  • Changed the output file format of the D-RTK 2 mobile station to CSV when using the mobile station as an RTK rover.
  • Fixed the rare issue where the camera skipped some shots.
  • Fixed rare control stick calibration failures.
  • Fixed the issue where firmware v02.02.03xx failed to download in the DJI GS RTK app.
  • Optimized the UI for Cloud PPK Service and added more countries/regions where PPK data can be used. The Service is available everywhere except Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, USA, and Canada.
  • The only Mapbox is supported now for map display in the DJI GS RTK app. (Mainland China version excluded)

Overview of Phantom 4 RTK Firmware:

  • Date: 2020.03.10
  • Aircraft Firmware: v02.02.0401
  • Remote Controller Firmware: Phantom 4 RTK Remote Controller: v02.02.0403
  •                                           Phantom 4 RTK (SDK) Remote Controller: v02.02.0401
  • D-RTK 2 Mobile Station Firmware: v02.02.0403
  • DJI GS RTK App: v2.1.6
  • DJI Assistant 2 For Phantom: v2.0.8
  • DJI Assistant 2 For MG: v2.0.13

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Important Notes:

  • The aircraft cannot be downgraded to v02.02.0011 or a lower version after this firmware update.
  • After updating the Phantom 4 RTK Remote Controller with this firmware version, the remote controller can only be used with the Phantom 4 RTK aircraft.
  • The firmware for the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station can only be updated using the DJI GS RTK app.
  • Make sure that the firmware for the aircraft, remote controller and D-RTK 2 Mobile Station is all up-to-date. Otherwise, they will not work together.
  • Using this firmware with a version of DJI Terra older than v1.2.0. is not recommended, as some functions will not work properly.

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