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Top 7 Predictions for IoT App Development

IoT -Internet of Things is not a new term. It’s a trend that is growing at an exponential rate already. Businesses have been very welcoming of IoT and adopting the trend in their offering and services. On the other hand, users are enjoying every bit of IoT since it makes the life of users easier and more comfortable than before.

Each passing day is becoming more and more progressive and with IoT on the field, it’s getting better. The trend has already been envisioned with mobile apps and has been a huge ask by the users ever since. With more and more devices being introduced in the market, users are incorporating those to keep up with their tasks and transactions. The popularity of connected devices is skyrocketing, and we are sure to see a rise in IoT app development companies offering IoT-related solutions this year.

Predictions for IoT App Development in 2019

1. 5G Connectivity

So far, we have been so positive about 4G technology over our mobile devices. However, very soon 5G will take over 4G and we soon will be engulfing the speed of 5G. There will surely be a bigger push for 5G connectivity in the year 2019. It will be required to handle the congested web path due to the increase in the number of connected devices. 5G will reduce the time and enhance the bandwidth speed thus allowing assembling, managing, and analyzing data almost in real-time easily in no time.

2. Security

Security has always been the first point of question whenever any new trend is introduced. This has been a major concern since IoT app is all about managing multiple devices with the ease of one single mobile device. Any hampering to one device can lead to loss of data from multiple connected devices. Thus, 2019 brings the worry of security in IoT app development to a halt.

Manufacturers like Cisco, HPE, Dell, and more are building-specific infrastructure to be more secure. Security vendors too are working to offer endpoint security solutions that prevent data loss and get into network health and threat protection. If you are planning to build an IoT application, make sure your IoT application development company has experience in creating robust application architecture.

3. Smart Homes

The concept of smart homes has evolved from the way we used to see homes. While this is all possible because of the IoT trend, it still has to take its place in most households yet. 2019 can be seen as the start of not just smart homes but also smart cities.

For instance – Sidewalk Labs has plans to build a smart neighborhood in Toronto from the ground up. The neighborhood will be equipped with smart sensors that are developed to record everything starting from walking routes, shared car space, building occupancy, sewage flow, temperature choice, etc.

4. Edge Computing

Another talk trend right now is, Edge computing is a trend that reduces the load of data communication networks and data centers. Since the evolution of IoT, the trend of edge computing has become increasingly momentous. More and more connected devices bring an immense amount of inflow of data from the devices. Edge computing here reduces data transfer volumes and cloud dependencies. This has proved to be more flexible and agile for the business.

5. Impact on Healthcare & Manufacturing

The best use case of IoT apps belongs to Healthcare and Manufacturing industries. These two industries totally rely on IoT technology as it reduces minute monitoring of processing, infrastructure, employee, and more. This has been a savior for both the users and the businesses. Trends like smart sensors, beacon technology, RFID tags, and more are already part of the healthcare and manufacturing industries making it trendier than before. Consult a reliable mobile or web application development company with sound experience in creating apps for the manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

6. Automotive Cars

With smart cities being in consideration, it surely brings the prospect of self-driving or automotive cars too. The automotive industry is progressively adopting IoT technologies in order to enable vehicles to gather and monitor data. This makes it easy to communicate with smart city services and other vehicles thus ensuring total transparency. Soon the automotive industry will incline toward data-driven business models.

7. Increased Competition

When IoT was introduced, it was the initiative taken by all the big players to implement it into their services. With time, facts, and the remarkable success of big players, IoT has more supporters today. Even startups are looking to take advantage of IoT app development and provide quality services to users thus increasing their clientele list. There are going to be major investments by big players who want to explore more IoT and ways to incorporate the technology.

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IoT has remarkably done well so far in the industry. However, it’s too soon to say that it has reached its potential and nothing new can come up now. Yes, the increase in demand for IoT has shaken the walls of the businesses and they have been looking for ideas, creatives to fulfill the demands of users. The increase in the number of investments in the trend and uprising demand for IoT app development companies have proved that there is a lot to see of IoT in 2019 as well.

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  1. IoT provides immense opportunities for Industries to embrace Industry 4.0 by connecting remote devices, analyzing data points, monitoring & predicting behaviour remotely and in a few cases even to control the devices/machines says,

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