Remote Assistance in Field Service

Significant Role of Live Remote Assistance in Field Service

Remote Assistance in Field Service

It facilitates in reducing human errors and makes work efficient by simply speaking and the result is entered. This technology can be used for maintenance work, water treatment plant inspection, repairing electrical systems, etc.

  1. Significant Role of Live Remote Assistance in Field Service

I believe that augmented reality will be the biggest technological revolution that happens in our lifetimes” – Tim Sweeney

It all depends on how we use it. Right? Speaking about the advantages, AR represents the future of a new generation. The work done by Augmented Reality (AR) can be a daydream, but it is actually a reality, as it enables us to fix all the technical issues in real-time.

Using the live remote assistance tool, the technician can view the customer’s desktop and share control of your system to fix the issue.

Just as the title signifies, this article brings to you the role of augmented reality in field service. I will also speak about how this million dollar technology can change the fate of customer service.

  • Working of a Remote Assistance:

Let’s picture this:

Jack is having issues with his office modem and calls for technical support. When he calls the customer service, the agent asks him some questions.

After a few minutes of question and answer round, they manage to identify the problem. The agent asks Jack to follow few steps to resolve the issue.

But unfortunately, Jack is all confused and ends up frustrated. He thinks, ‘Is there a better way?’

Luckily yes! Augmented reality remote assistance!

This third-generation technology enables real-time video streaming to broadcast images and videos using augmented reality.

The collaboration between augmented reality and augmented reality remote assistance brings efficient communication and visual demonstration that helps the customer to understand and execute work effectively.

A visual demonstration is what was needed for Jack to sort the issue! It would have reduced his time and effort. Jack needs to update himself to match with recent trends.

  • How does AR Help in Field Service?

Interactive AR is a form of technology that is a perfect blend of voice-based technology, natural language processing, real-time video streaming, and machine learning in a single platform.

1. It makes service manuals interactive

AR is equipped with advanced service manuals, 3D models or animations, and real-time access even in remote areas. All this is possible when the technician is working on equipment in real-time.

These manuals are stored in the cloud which reduces the chances of being lost.

2. Remote visual assistance

It is a highly useful video conferencing tool that provides ease in accessing and repairing issues quickly. For onsite technicians, it aids in getting expert help from the back office. Here, you don’t need special hardware to use this technology.

3. Internet of things (IoT)

AR products have smart sensors to track and report performance in real-time. When the machine needs repair, it sends a fault report to the owner and the company. The company immediately contacts the technician.

Using the AR glasses, the technician opens a 3D model and follows the instructions given by the glasses. In case the technician gets stuck, he can call his senior who can guide him using remote IT support. ‌

It sounds incredible, isn’t it?

Let me walk you through some real-life examples with the usage of live remote assistance in field service.

I have mentioned some renowned brands that have incorporated AR in their business.

1. Mitsubishi Electric

This Japanese electrical company has created an interactive and 3D service manual for their technicians. This helps them to look at the problem on an AR display and add results by voices.

2. Porshe

Automobile manufacturer Porshe AG facilitates its technicians with an interactive manual, remote visual assistance, and much more. Using AR glasses, the technician can have a conference call with a specialist who is at its headquarters in Atlanta.

The field agent can stream live video using live remote assistance tools and get expert advice on the problem.

The field service management software is used in various sectors to support their customers such as telecom companies, utility companies, consumer electronics companies, insurance companies, financial institutions, IT, healthcare, and more.

  • What’s next?

About 87% of companies currently are adopting at least one transformative technology like the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, blockchain and the cloud- Deloitte 2019 Global Human Capital Trends.

The market of AR is expected to grow beyond recognition, Goldman Sachs suggests that AR will be an $80 billion market by 2025. Every company needs to update its system to be on par with its competitors. Bring more efficiency in your work by using field service management software.

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