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4 Awesome Video Editors to Help You Create Strong Visual Content

Everyone wants their own content noticed above everyone else’s in Internet marketing. Text alone can seem hollow, does not attract much interest, and is easy to overlook. Are you still looking for new ideas and ways to present your content to the target audience? Today, visual content is a popular marketing tool to capture consumer awareness.

In this article, we look at 4 awesome video editors that can help you create strong visual content for your social media communications. 


Video editing is possible on smartphones, as well as a computer through the video editing app. Vivavideo is one of the best video editing App, slideshow maker and movie editing apps for Android. You can easily create a professional video with VivaVideo just a few clicks. Not only video editing, but there are also good camcorders available in this program. As a result, recorded video is easy to edit with these programs. Besides, it has a large set of effects and licensed music, which can be uploaded to the video directly from the program. What is more special, Viva Video has a unique video collage maker merging different clips into a story with many wonderful templates.

Video Editors


The KineMaster video editing app is the best video editor for the Smartphone world, as it has all the necessary video editing tools and extensive functionality. The main feature is the built-in camera program: After shooting a video, you can immediately take it for processing. You can edit both the image itself and the audio sequence. For example, the voice in the video may be given a different sound by changing the pitch or making them look like voices from cinema robots. Any layer can be added to the image (whole or individual frames): a handwritten drawing, clipart or image from the gallery. It also supported a large number of filters. Oh, we note an interesting “mosaic” mode for arranging items where you can change the duration, as well as the time of appearance or disappearance. Among the shortcomings, we see a large volume occupied by the memory and the presence of paid functionality.

KineMaster Mobile Video Editor


If your Chromebook doesn’t have access to Android or Mac OS apps, the first two options on our list won’t help, do they? No worries, we have something for you too: FlexClip. It is probably the most desktop-like option on the entire list. Since it is in the browser, it is not limited to the same restrictions as a mobile app is. FlexClip is a free service that allows you to upload, edit, store, and organize personal home videos online. It lets you instantly turn your unforgettable photos and video clips into beautiful videos, not stale presentations. All you need to do is simply upload your photos and video clips, and then select a song as the soundtrack for the video. It also opens the door to other editing tools and enhancements, such as caption text, logo, voiceover, and much more. Videos can then be emailed, downloaded, exported to YouTube, and placed on your website, blog, or Myspace.



Magisto is the magic video editor on iPhone for more than 100 million users. It includes an automatic video machine, music videos, sharing videos, business features, channels and connections, family video, and several other features. The unusualness of Magisto lies in a special technology called Emotion Sense. All required by the user is to add pictures and video clips to the program. This program will create professional-quality movies by analyzing videos and images. Then, based on the results of this analysis, artificial intelligence generates a script for the final editing of the film. With this app, any video clips or many pictures can be turned into the best movie where you have your favorite music, eye-catching graphics, and effects. It can easily be done in minutes. As a result, a professional video clip is produced from the usual home video.


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