7 Technologies that are a Trend in the Casino Industry

According to research, gambling was made more entertaining because of technology. This influence did not only make the casino industry bigger but more appealing. Traditionally, casino games are played in a location. The inability to be at that location means that you will not be able to play any game. However, things have changed as more and more casinos are having an online version or mobile app for you to play.

This article is about seven technologies that are in trend in the Casino industry. This write up is as a result of critical research and casino review.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is one of the fastest emerging technologies around the world. Several companies have utilized their mechanisms to launch ICOs to raise funds. One of the exciting features that set this technology aside from the traditional techniques is its smart contract. With the feature, players can play without any bias. No one has control of the outcome of the day. Some of the blockchain games include CryptoKitties and Fomo3D.

Facial Recognition

Before the introduction of facial recognition technology, several atrocities have been committed in online casinos. A lot of individuals have faked their identity with fake facial hair or other markings to avoid being detected. However, things have changed with the introduction of facial recognition feature that uses AI to determine people’s faces. The feature is also capable of distinguishing fake hair from normal hair. With this technology, fraudster finds it hard to play in an online casino with the intention to cheats. Now, it is safer to gamble online.

Ticket Vouchers used for Payment

Before the introduction of ticket vouchers, the payment methods were a debit card, credit card, and bank transfer which often takes days to reflect. The introduction of a ticket voucher has made it easier for players to load their accounts with cash quickly. It also reduces the amount of money you carry in your pocket. Thus, it decreases your chance of being robbed.

Tickets are often distributed to players at the end of every game with money loaded inside for people to cash out. Vouchers can also be bought to load your online account for smooth gameplay. You can use some of these cash-out vouchers in the on-premise shops or stores.  The introduction of a ticket voucher is a sine qua non to a cashless casino.

Added Layer of Security

With the usual cyber-attack, it becomes imperative for companies and casinos owners to include a high level of security measure in their system. As a result, MPLS, Multilabel Switching, was utilized. MPLS is known for its ability to send data at high speed over a long distance. It is also known for its ability to send massive information as quickly as possible.

The fact that several casinos deal with huge data and money makes it popular in the gaming world. Las Vegas casino uses this technology.


The fact that some hackers have found a way to hack passwords and steal data has made it essential for technocrats to develop this technology. Encryption is designed with at least 128 bits long key that will make it almost impossible for data thieves to break into. The importance of encryption is that it allows information to be transferred without any issue whatsoever. The interesting about this feature is that its requirement keeps increasing as hackers get smarter.

Digitalization of Casinos

Recently, there has been an increasing number of companies and people that are developing websites to give their companies an online personality.  Apart from this, mobile devices now collect and report data for the purpose of providing a better service. Nowadays, smartphones can now communicate with wristwatches to track health activities. This technology has also become a thing in the gaming world to measure the satisfaction of the players. However, they do this by balancing the player’s privacy and data collection. Also, many land-based casinos have now developed their online version.

Voice Interaction

More and more casinos are using voice interaction mechanisms after Alexa and Siri’s success. Conversational interfaces are now becoming a regular thing in the gaming world. Users can easily interact with their app using their voice without having to touch the screen of their phone.

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