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Types of Number Games

Number games are a form of entertainment that allows you to play with numbers. You can play any number of different number games, such as chess, dominoes, and Scrabble. This type of game is great for people who want to relax after a long day at work or school.

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Number games can be played alone or in groups of two or more people. There are many types of number games, including dice and card games. The most popular type of number game is poker because it combines strategy with luck.

Here are different types of number games;


Sudoku is the most popular number game in the world. Sudoku is a number puzzle with numbers only on the main puzzles and no clues in the grid. The object of this game is to fill each of the nine 3×3 grids with digits 1 through 9. The puzzles are numbered from 1 to 9.

Cross sums

Cross sums are a type of number game that involves arranging the digits in a matrix so that they add up to a given sum, but which can be solved by the addition of only one digit. The numbers on the right-hand side of the equation are called “cross sums.”

Using a number system such as base ten or base four is typical, but there are also some examples where base 12 is used. The most common way to solve this problem is to subtract every other row from each column until you reach an odd number. Once you have found your answer, it is simply added to the original sum.

Number crosswords

Number crosswords are a type of word game that involves finding the words in a grid of numbers. The number of words in a crossword puzzle is usually limited to 50, while many puzzles use words from two sets separated by a hyphen. Most crosswords contain several themes and have clues that do not repeat across the whole puzzle. The clues are also answers or fill-in-the-blanks.

Number scrabble

Number Scrabble is a kind of game that two or more players can play. This game aims to score points by creating words from the numbers on the board. Number Scrabble is a great way to develop young gamers’ vocabulary, spelling, and numeracy skills. 

Number-based board games

Number-based board games are a kind of game that uses numbers as the primary means of play and scoring. Two or more players can play them, each taking turns moving around the board or playing against an artificial opponent.

Most number-based board games are simple, but some are quite complicated. For example, most modern parlor games, such as Monopoly, have evolved from earlier games based on dice rolling and card counting. A typical number game may involve rolling dice, moving tokens around a board, and collecting money when you land on specific spaces on the board.

Key Takeaway

Playing number games can help you in so many ways, such as visualizing numbers, understanding mathematics, and even improving your attention span by playing math games online.

Additionally, there are number-based board games, which utilize numbers as the primary element for gameplay and scoring. These games can be enjoyed by two or more players, who take turns navigating the board or competing against an artificial opponent. While some number-based board games are straightforward, others possess more complexity. For example, popular parlor games like Monopoly have evolved from earlier dice-rolling and card-counting games. In a typical number-based board game, players roll dice, move tokens across the board, and collect money upon landing on specific spaces.


In summary, playing number games offers numerous benefits, including the development of number visualization, mathematical understanding, and improved attention span. These games encompass a range of options, such as Sudoku, cross sums, number crosswords, Number Scrabble, and number-based board games. Engaging in these activities not only provides entertainment but also cultivates valuable cognitive skills.

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