How to Spy on an Android Phone

First things first, is it possible to spy on an Android phone? The answer is yes, and there are a lot of tools for that. The sad thing is that not all will work as expected or as they say. There are several reasons that prompt someone to spy on an Android phone. We are using these phones on a daily basis. The kids want to play games with them, and your wife or girlfriend needs to say hi on … Read more

7 Coolest Android Apps You Should Download Right Now

Android Apps

With a market share of more than 70%, Android is currently the most widely used mobile operating system. One of the main reasons behind the massive popularity enjoyed by this Google creation is the huge collection of amazing apps, that its users have access to. So, we have decided to make a list of amazing apps that will make your life easier. Coolest Android Apps You Should Try Evernote The first to make the list of cool apps is Evernote. It’s arguably … Read more

Best Sports Apps on Android and iOS


As we fast approach the end of the year, the sports calendar is going to get busy with many games played through the holiday season. With so many competitions to track, you’ll need an app on your phone that shows you all the latest fixtures, scores, live updates, and news. As you might expect, there are thousands of sports apps on iOS and Android, which is why we decided to find the best. Among the many great things about smartphones … Read more

8 Most Downloaded Apps on The Google Play Store

Apps For Android

There are millions of apps available on the App store. Have you ever thought about how many apps make to the top chat in the App store? Well, you are not quite far from the answer, as you have probably downloaded some of the apps. With that said many of us are surprised at times finding apps we have never even or heard about on the list of most downloaded apps. Maybe you don’t have time to browse to the … Read more

7 Best Photography Apps for Android

Best Photography Apps for Android

Photography apps are useful in addition to enhance your photography experience on your Android device. You can use these tools to edit, sync and share your photos and videos instantly. These tools offer extensive features to transform your regular pictures into artwork. Let’s discuss some of these amazing photography apps in this article which we packed up 7 Best Photography Apps for Android. Best Photography Apps for Android #1 Open Camera: This fully-featured and impressive camera app is a useful … Read more

Ticks All the Boxes: Cholesterol Down on the Go App Review

Cholesterol Down on the Go

While there are no dearth glossy-looking health and fitness apps that promise to make you thinner, lighter, and more beautiful, most of them seem to miss out on user experience. ‘Cholesterol Down on the Go’ skips the Gigabyte-eating graphics and gives us one simple interface. This app makes it clear that it has a very specific goal. That goal is ostensibly to bring down our cholesterol levels. But considering the fact that high cholesterol levels are responsible for plaque deposition … Read more

Best Android Apps to Hack Games

Android Hack

One of the best ways for game developers to monetize games in by adding in-app purchases. Since many of the mobile gamers are students, you don’t have to money to afford fancy in-app purchases like PUBG royal pass, or gems in clash of clans. Well, if you like playing games without restrictions then we have compiled the list of best game hacker apps using which you can do some magical stuff with your favorite games. Lucky Patcher Lucky patcher is … Read more