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6 apps that can help your daily planning

Productivity is one of the most important features today, whether at work or in personal life. In order to take care of all tasks and projects, you have to be productive and organized when planning your day to day activities. 

Here are the 6 apps that can help your daily planning: 


This application is present on Android and iOS platforms, as well as allowing access to Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Sáfari and others. The Todoist is a highly interactive and very efficient tool, possessing a series of resources for you to organize your day to day, taking into account even your locality. This means receiving a “watering your orchid” message when you are near your home.



The AnyDo has as a differential the inclusion of the tasks of the previous day at the beginning of the current list of tasks. This makes it easier to organize your day, as it puts the outstanding issues in mind, as well as being able to synchronize between the devices you use.



This is another very useful application for those who want to better organize their day to day and that makes a lot of success among the fans of personal planning application. Available on various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone and the Web, the great advantage of this application is that it is very easy to navigate, without needing so many touches or clicks to get the information you need. You can even add projects and tasks using your voice in Google Now, or by Siri. There is also a Pro version that is paid for and adds more features to the application, such as uploading files. But the free version already satisfies the majority of user needs.

1-3-5 Things to do

1-3-5 Things to do

This is one of the easiest applications to use among the planning applications I’ve reviewed. The only restriction of 1-3-5 is that you can only store 9 tasks or projects per day. Being that of these, 1 will be high priority and will turn red. Other 3 tasks will have medium priority and appear in yellow, and finally 5 low priority tasks will be ashes. This is an excellent application for those who do not have many tasks and projects to manage during the day, and want to start classifying their tasks as urgent, important and not important.

Google Keep

Google Keep

This app already deserves attention just for being from Google already carries all of its company know how in facilitating people’s lives. At first it looks like a notepad, but it is much more than that, with it it is possible to do task lists and projects, or have reminders separately. In addition, it offers other features that will make your daily life much more practical when being organized, with the advantage of also allowing access on all platforms.


Remember the Transcendingwaves is one of the longest-running apps among the apps that help with day-to-day planning and continues to be a hit worldwide for its simplicity and competence. It was he who practically reinvented daily to-do lists. The site blog has several tips on how to use the application in various situations of the day and is also an excellent option.

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