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Legitimize Your Small Business With a Toll-Free Number

Small businesses make up 99% of America’s businesses and 88% have fewer than 20 employees. Some of those small businesses operate like large firms in terms of their business acumen, marketing and communications, and customer service while others struggle to run efficiently. Business to business (B2B) solutions for small businesses can position them to present a professional image, run more efficiently, and improve scalability. Here are three solutions to help your small business.

1. Get a Toll Free Number

A toll free number for business allows people to call from anywhere in the country without having to worry about long-distance charges. Toll-free numbers also communicate a professional business that is not simply operated from one’s personal cell phone. Many numbers can be linked to your cell and differentiated from non-business incoming calls so that you can answer the call in a business manner as opposed to the ubiquitous “hello” for customary incoming personal calls. Toll-free numbers and the way in which calls are received and addressed let customers know that you are not a fly-by-night business that may be gone tomorrow, which alleviates the fear of some consumers of working with unseasoned companies. 

2. Leverage a CRM

A Customer Relationship Management tool helps keep business owners and teams organized. Some businesses wait to invest in software solutions that help businesses operate more efficiently because they think it requires a substantial investment, which is a challenge in a new business or one with minimal cash flow. However, there are many software solutions that have feature-rich, free options that can be leveraged immediately. CRMs help collect a repository of your customers, help with workflow and dealflow, and act as a repository for customer data collection and the life cycle of a customer’s experience. 

3. Create a Website

Businesses do not have to rely on web companies and developers to create expensive, customized code, which can only be changed by paying money every time updates are required. There are numerous web companies with vast numbers of templates available for nearly all industries. Often, you can find your industry and a template that allows you to plug and play by inserting content seamlessly. If you’re slightly more web-savvy, some have premium versions at a low cost that allow additional features and functionality. Either way, a web page communicates that your business is legitimate and can be a source of additional traffic. 

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There are numerous opportunities for small businesses to leverage cheap or free tools. These tools help a business to organize, streamline processes, and present a professional image. If you haven’t looked into theses resources, now is the time. 

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