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What is Schema Markup & Why It’s Important for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is fast-paced and as a business owner in Singapore, you have to keep up with such innovations. By 2021, worldwide retail eCommerce sales will hit $4.5 trillion, highlighting the opportunities available for your online business. Now that most people in the country are online, there’s stiffer competition by online services to reach their target customers, a good reason to hire an SEO agency Singapore.

One of the latest developments in the SEO landscape is Schema markup, which simply put is the language of search engines. If you have an online-based business, you need to understand this concept and start utilizing it to boost your SEO strategy.

This article demystifies Schema markup and also explores its importance as a tool for every search engine optimization Singapore campaign.

Background of Schema Markup

To appreciate what this concept is, consider how search engines used to index content at the dawn of SEO. The only possible way to find the relevance of page content was by looking up the keywords used. Webmasters used as many keywords as possible to help search engines understand their content and rank them higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).

However, things have now changed and search engines are smarter. For this reason, keyword stuffing is now a black hat technique that can earn your site a penalty or even suspension. This is where Schema markup comes into play in your SEO Singapore campaign.

While search engines have become smarter over the years, they still struggle to make sense of website content. This is a tricky situation for digital marketers as all their efforts might end up bearing no fruits. Schema markup saves the day by helping search engines make sense of your website’s content.

How Schema Markup Works

This is a code placed on a website to help search engines deliver informative results for users. It is a form of structured data text to aid search engines parse and define content on a website.  This code as it helps Google and other search engines understand the context behind user inquiries.

Schema Markup will interpret information on a web post in a way that clarifies the end-users intention to the search engine. For instance, if a user searches “repair car engine noise,” the search engine doesn’t return irrelevant results such as car engine sales. In this age of Hummingbird and RankBrain, it’s important to use any tools that can improve the quality of your search results.

The Structured data vocabulary will interpret the search phrase and determine the information the user needs is related to car engine repair solutions or service providers. With improved interpretation of search enquiries, search engines can deliver more relevant results.

The best SEO agency will use this markup tool making it easier to provide internet users with relevant, more accurate information. Google©, Yahoo©, Bing©, and Yandex© came together to create search engine structured data through

Structured data comes in handy to provide further information about:

  • Events
  • Organizations
  • Persons
  • Places
  • Articles
  • Creative Works
  • Local Businesses
  • Products
  • Movies
  • Software Applications
  • Organization
  • Products
  • TV Episodes & Ratings
  • Restaurants
  • Book Reviews

Microdata is the most common form of Schema and can be inserted into XML, HTML, and XHTML-based content, including web pages and documents. It exists within your HTML code to describe the content and it is not visible to site visitors unless they look at a page’s source code. When added to a web page HTML, microdata helps search engines read your content better and delivers the web page in a better way to search users.

Why Schema Markup Matters for SEO

Your search engine marketing agency will most likely highlight the importance of Schema markup for your site. Here are some reasons for this:

  1. Opportunity for extensive rich snippets: Rich snippets are crucial in your SEO campaign as they provide critical details for users. Schema markup enhances your rich snippets by displaying exactly what you need the target users to see. Users can instantly see details of your page and decide whether to click through.
  2. Boost local SEO:  adding local schema markup to your website is a smart strategy to enhance your local SEO strategy. This helps search engines understand what your business name is, adds your image, phone number, business address, hours of operation and other details.
  3. Boosting click-through-rates: Using a structured data markup in a web page delivers extensive rich snippets which in turn boosts levels of click-through-rates (CTR).
  4. Better ranking on SERPs: Using Schema markup makes things easier for search engines to index and rank your web content.

Final Thoughts

The SEO industry in Singapore continues evolving and for your business to survive, you have to stay up-to-date with new trends. Using Schema markup is a simple yet highly effective way to boost your SEO strategy. It affects the quality of your search results and can boost click-through-rates, thus affecting site traffic and ranking. With this insight, it’s now easier to start using this new concept on your website to improve your SEO campaign.

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