How to promote small business on Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social network. In 2005, Mark founded a social media platform that changed the world. Currently, businesses are always on Facebook and the company’s owned app – Instagram. If your business is not on Facebook, then you are missing significant revenue. Facebook has more than 1.5 billion daily active users. It’s 20% of the world’s population. You have a chance to connect with 20% of the world’s population every day. Today we share small insider tips to promote small businesses on Facebook.

A business page on Facebook

It’s essential to have a business page on Facebook. Start promoting your page with advertising. By the way, it’s necessary to start promoting your brand on Facebook with a decent number of followers. For instance, when a new user comes to your Facebook page, and he/she sees that your brand has only 20 likes, they won’t believe in you. That’s why you need to buy high-quality Facebook page likes, so you have a good start. Then you can confidently start promoting your Facebook page. When you get around 5 000 Facebook page likes, then you can advertise. Promoting something to the followers of your page is very cheap.

Giveaways could be a perfect way to increase engagement on your Facebook page. Don’t be afraid to give away 2-3 products for free every month. You can run a contest and in that way grow the community. It’s easy to run a contest – you can create particular rules. The rules can be very different in every contest. Start with simple rules – ask them to share the post, tag three friends in the comments section, and also ask them to comment as they want to join the giveaway. Let the contest run for seven days. In that way, you can increase the likes, shares, and your contest may get viral. Going viral is very important for growth hacking. Without spending a dime, you can increase the popularity of your business. You may tell the Facebook fans that the giveaway is only for one product but during the actual giveaway (When you go live) give them a present by sending 2-3 products. Run the giveaways twice a month or even once every month.

Along with the Facebook page, you can promote a private group. Ask the contest members to join the group to be involved in the giveaway. That’s an easy way to get more laser-targeted Facebook fans.

Facebook Group – a Hidden treasure

Groups on Facebook are the hidden treasure. What do you sell or promote? Understand the niche and do Google research related to the topic. Find all the sub-topics related to your product/service and search for the groups in that niche. You can join the Facebook groups in those sub-niches and start slowly. Don’t promote anything on the first day. You can start advertising in a 30 days period.

Meanwhile, you have to become friendly with the members of the groups. In those groups, people have a big passion for a particular niche. That’s why even little groups are precious. For instance, 100 passionate dog lovers are way more valuable than 1000 regular animal lovers.

As mentioned above, don’t start promoting your product from the very first day. You can start slowly by creating useful guidelines or ‘help’ posts. You can hire a content writer for this ‘campaign’. Create a list of problems that group users may have regarding your niche. Ask the writer to create a significant and in-depth guideline about those problems. Try to give them the right solution – if your product/service can be a solution, it’s way better indeed. Post significant guidelines once in two days. It means that you may need 10-15 significant guidelines before you get the trust of group members.

Facebook profile

You can create a regular profile on Facebook. Do you know that the maximum limit of friends could go up to 5 000? That’s a free option for you to promote the product or service. If you don’t have enough money for advertising, then creating various Facebook accounts could be a good option.

Create a Facebook account with a real name. The profile should look very real. You can add up to 5 000 friends on Facebook. Check Facebook groups related to your offer. Then start adding the members of those groups as a friend. Send them friend requests and slowly start building trust. Keep in mind that adding 5 000 at once will lead to a serious problem. Facebook may ban your account or give you some restrictions. You won’t be able to comment, post, or share anything. That’s why you should be careful – add 10-15 friends a day but not at once – do it slowly. In a week, increase the friend requests up to 30-40. You’ll be able to get 5 000 friends in a 50-60 days period. Working with one Facebook profile is not enough for a big campaign. You can create five accounts at the same time and work on them slowly. By the end of the 50 days, you’ll have five accounts each with 5 000 friends who are interested in your niche, product, and services. It means that you have access to a minimum of 25 000 friends. Without spending a dollar, you have 25 000 friends who trust your posts, so they are ready to buy products/services from you.

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