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5 Strategies to Improve your CNC Machining efficiency

Even when you’re getting good value out of your CNC machines, CNC machining is one process you need to keep improving. As your machines work more, their efficiency tends to drop from time to time.

CNC Machining

This affects their precision and quality output. You, therefore, have to come up with a good strategy to ensure that your production isn’t affected.

Here are five strategies you can use to improve the machining efficiency continuously:

  1. Improve its mechanical design

One of the easiest ways to improve your machining efficiency is through upgrading your CNC machine’s mechanical design. Instead of using a 3-axis device, upgrade it to a five-axis device. Five-axis machines are faster to set up and have a quicker production turnaround time.

This is especially useful when you’re working with large parts. It may be a bit more expensive, but five-axis machines will give you better returns.

You’ll also have a stress-free single setup for the entire device.

  1. Work on the programming

CNC programming should also help keep your processes in check. Programming gives all your machines the commands they need to complete the machining tasks. Therefore, you can should your codes to eliminate any errors in the programs that affect your processes.

Reconsider your programs for complex processes and ensure that the programs facilitate consistency when machining different shapes. Make use of incremental computing and ensure that the programming can adapt when data changes.

In case of any cumulative errors in your programming, use absolute programming to correct it for improved accuracy.

If this is hard for you, you can always get a technician to do it for you, or outsource your machining needs to an experienced company like maskinfabrik. CNC machining companies have the best programmers on-site who can modify your codes to complete whatever you need.

  1. Reduce tool wear and tear

It’s never too early to start taking care of your CNC machining tools – even if you only bought them recently. When you wait for your tools to start tearing to take action, your production efficiency will drastically fall.

Therefore, start by monitoring your tools. Inspect their condition frequently after working and ensure that any deformity is fixed immediately. The more you take care of the machining tools, the more accurate they’ll be.

Additionally, when choosing your tools, go for the hard tools first. They are more durable and tend to be more accurate than their softer alternatives.

You can also outsource your tasks regularly to preserve your in-house equipment.

  1. Maintain their power requirements

Like most industrial machines, most machining tools are high-power devices. You, therefore, have to know the power requirements of each piece of equipment to ensure it works without glitches.

Without an adequate power supply, most of your machines won’t work properly and thus reduce the efficiency and productivity of your machining processes.

Therefore, before installing your machines, check their power demand and ensure that the shop can support the demand. You should also have the required infrastructure that comes with your CNC machines.

  1. Reduce your operation time

Efficiency in machining depends on more than just your CNC machines. Your workers and operators also play a huge role in improving efficiency.

Instead of waiting for the CNC machines to complete their tasks, your team could move on to the next processes. They can set the materials and start the required machines. This way, once a CNC machine completes working on one part, it can move to the next stage without wasting time.

Have a list of tasks to do, and ensure that all of them can be done while the machines are still running.

Final thoughts

CNC machining is a crucial part of any industry. It affects the quality of the parts produced and the speed at which they are produced. Therefore, it would be wise for you to keep working on the efficiency of your machining processes.

With the tips mentioned above, you should be able to improve the performance of your CNC machining drastically.

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