6 Hot SEO Practice For Magento To Get Higher Search Results in Google

With increased online competition, business owners want to stand ahead of their competitors. Magento, a popular framework, is highly used by businesses for developing their online stores. But, how to optimize and boost its ranking is another big task for them. The only answer is SEO. Firstly, you should get SEO insight.

SEO is a mixture of art and science to increase the visibility of your website or store on Google search rankings naturally. SEO helps store owners to earn traffic through organic methods where they do not have to pay for varied advertising methods. If your website is fully optimized for SEO, then it will support bringing the right amount of traffic. Business owners can even take the services from a Professional Magento Development Company that provides SEO Optimization Services.

Best Magento Practices for SEO

The Magento store owners can follow these simple yet effective SEO tactics to promote their search rankings on top Search Engines:

Importance of Content

Content is the King- You may have heard this statement many times. It is 100% right as content plays an essential role in SEO. If you have significant and crisp content on your website, then it tops the list of Search Engine Rankings. Great content is easily readable and makes an impact on the readers. A well-written product description can tempt readers to buy the products while they scroll through your online store. It also provides ample space for SEO enhancement. The meta-data also plays a crucial role, so it must be entirely focused upon.

Do Extensive Keyword Research

The keyword plays a significant role in bringing your Magento store to the top. It is a considerable part of SEO. The critical thing is to find the keywords that are relevant and realistic too. If you choose the common keyword as well as competitive, then your web page may be stuck on the second or later pages of the Search Engine Results forever.

You need to pick a unique keyword, and this will help you to top the Search Engine results. The store owners can also take the services from the Magento web development company that uses advanced tools to know the frequency of a specific keyword being used. It will support you to reach out to broader audiences and drive additional traffic too.

Using Search-Friendly URLs

The best practice for optimizing the Magento store is not to use the URLs with the codes.  If there are already existing codes in your URL, then it is better to eliminate them. The no-codes URLs are Search-friendly. In the Settings Menu for SEO, find the server “URL rewrites” and then set it to Yes. This will remove the index.php written at the end of the URL which will make it SEO-friendly. The owners must acknowledge that every URL they use for the product categories or products must be unique, perfectly organized, and static too. This will provide a clear view of the visitors and what the web page is all about. Magento store owners who are not well-versed in the technicalities can take the services from a professional web development company.

Optimize the Product Images

An excellent SEO tip for boosting the ranking of your Magento store is to optimize your product images. The images you upload on your website must not contain meaningless words or letters. It’s better if it includes the correct name of your product. Moreover, your file name will also become part of your image URL, so it is advisable to use the exact product name. This will help in easy navigation of your store’s URL and even more comfortable for Search Engines to understand.

For better optimization of your product images, you can add the keywords into your “alt” text so that the Search Engine can read the text as it cannot see what’s there in the image. In the alt text, the keywords must not be stuffed.  The store owners must also keep in mind the loading speed of the image, so it is advisable to use JPEG images and image compressing tools.

Focus on Your Site’s Loading Speed

If your website’s loading time is more than three seconds, then it can lead to potential and existing customers leaving your webpage at once. Moreover, the website loading speed has become a significant part of the SEO strategy for online businesses Magento stores. This will help the store owners to make a great first impression on their visitors. If the store owners are not taking the site’s loading speed under consideration, then they can lose on their Search Engine rankings.

Moreover, website owners for increasing their site’s loading time can do the following:

  • Conduct a TTFB audit
  • Use minimal codes
  • Evaluating the third-party modules
  • Optimizing the website images or videos
  • Enable the caching features
  • Merging of CSS files and JavaScript can increase page speed and reduce webpage loading time

Settings With Robots.txt

The Magento store owners can also regulate their page settings with Robots.txt to see which all pages Google must regulate. You can set the settings like this:


This way, you can define index settings according to your preference. It is primarily used in Magento store owners who do not want some of their search pages to be indexed or want to keep some areas of their website for development and testing purposes.

You can set those pages with default Robots to “No Index, No Follow.” For the WebPages you want Google Search Engine to index there you can set the Robot to “Index, Follow.” This will help the store owners to get relevant pages indexed while the Search Engine can ignore the irrelevant pages. Moreover, it will also help in better optimization too. You can even take the services from Magento web development company experts who are well-versed in this technique.

Final Words

In summary, SEO is a powerful tool that is used by many eCommerce stores nowadays. The Magento stores have all the essential components that are useful for trending Search Engines in the present time. With these critical best practices discussed above, you can bring your Magento Store to the top of the Google Search Rankings.

According to your store requirements, you must follow the best SEO practices that will help in optimizing your store ultimately. For more efficiency, you can also upgrade your Magento store and even its required extensions too. Overall, you cannot miss out on the potential of SEO for your Magento store.

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