search engine optimization tools

What are the different types of search engine optimization tools?

search engine optimization tools

Every business which is in the market look for some effective strategies so that it can progress and survive no matter what the market condition and situation is. Having a good online presence has become the need of time, and this is only possible if you have a good website of your company and if the ranking of your company is on tops of different search engine pages.

There are many companies which fail to get the chance to attract their target audiences and customers. Though they try hard but still they miss out something which they are not able to understand properly. Just producing high quality of goods and offer it in the market at a reasonable price is not enough. There are many more things which you need to do in order to attract the attention of your targeted customers towards your company, its brands, and services. So, in order to achieve this, the most important thing which you need to do is you have to use the search engine optimization tools to make a good presentation of your company online. If you are planning to settle your debt and looking for debt settlement companies, then you can search for them online but don’t forget to go through the debt settlement reviews of the previous clients.

Types of search engine optimization tools 

If you are looking forward and planning to make a powerful presence online, then you should have some idea about the different types of search engine optimization tools which can help you in achieving your goals and give you great results. There are different types of search engine optimization or SEO tools and methods which you should easily utilize for your business. The tools are as follows:

1.    Google Banned Tool: Many URL is banned by Google because of some reason or the other. Google Banned Tool is available in order to see and test whether the URL which is given is there on the Google collection of data (database) or not. So if the URL which is given is already banned by Google, then you will not get good rank

2.    Domain Age Tool: While most of the companies are always busy and interested in doing different things to rank their companies website on the top page of the search engines results such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, Mozilla Firefox, etc. what they don’t understand or forget is that the age of their website is also an important factor to get the ranks. The old the website is the better rank it will have on the different search engine pages, but yes for that the work needs to be done. SEO service, adding the backlinks, publishing great and high relevant contents, updating the website, etc. are very much important to get good rankings. So you may know how old is your company’s website but do you really know how old the website of your competitors is.

3.    Keyword Density Checkers: It is not right just to place the keywords forcibly in the contents in order to get good rankings. If you think that you can easily put hundreds or thousands of keyword with the target area and you will get good ranks on the different search engine pages, then you are wrong. Every blog or article which is posted on different social media sites has some restrictions. If the article or blog is meaningless, it will automatically get rejected. Again, if the keyword density is more, it will be rejected. So, in order to make sure that the density of a keyword is just perfect, there are many different tools which are easily available online. By using the tools, you will come to know what should be the density of the keywords in the webpage or social media site, domain and content 

4.    Domain Popularity Analyser: If you really want to know and understand what your competitors are doing to get good ranking online and make a powerful presence there too you can use domain popularity analyzer tool. This tool will show you what your competitors are doing and how well they are doing.

5.    Google PageRank: It is a statistic tool which will make you aware of how Google looks at the approved and creditworthy URL

6.    Backlink Analyser: There is a different kind of free SEO tools which can easily help you to analyze or find out the number of backlinks which the webpages of your company have. Backlinks have a great impact on the ranking of the company, the more backlink your company webpages have the better result it will show on the search engine results.

7.    Keyword Suggestion Tool- In order to get good rank online, it is very important for the companies to have some good keywords with the target area. There are many tools which can easily help you to find out the keywords as per the products and services which you are offering to the customers in the market and the area which you want to target.

8.    Plagiarism Checker: There are many companies which are doing the same kind of business. So it may also be possible that they are publishing the same type of contents on the different social media pages, on the website of their companies, etc. so that they can attract the audiences and the targeted customers. Though the contents can have the same meaning, it should be unique. The sentences, articles or blogs which are published on the website of your company should not be the same. It should be unique. So in order to find that out, you can use the plagiarism checker tools such as Copy-scape, Q-text, small search engine optimization or SEO tools for plagiarism checking, etc. All these tools will help you to find out whether your content is unique or not. What you need to remember is that while some tools are free, there are others which are paid?

9.    Search Engine Ranking Reports: If you want to know the status and ranking of your company on the different search engine pages, the SERP or Search Engine Ranking Reports can help you out in all these matters. 

Apart from this, there are few more SEO tools which you can easily use as per your need and requirements. Those tools are link popularity checker; pages indexed analysis, backlink building tools or services, link validator, etc.

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