DSLR vs Mirrorless: which one to go for?

There was a time when photography was a pretty hard job, and it was too time-consuming, and the quality of photos was pretty much nothing compared to high res photographies of today. As an ever-evolving industry, the definition of photography and approach to it has changed a lot. And the photography gears and equipment are also becoming more and more high quality and coming up with cutting edge technology. 

With that trend, we’re now doing photography with mirrorless cameras, which is being considered as the camera of the future. So, is it worth it to shift to a mirrorless camera? Or if you are getting started with photography, is it going to worth getting a mirrorless camera or a DSLR that would be great? Let’s find out!

What is a DSLR camera? How does it work?

A DSLR camera is a combination of so many mechanisms where it works just like an old film (SLR) cameras, but it does the job Digitally. A DSLR has an imaging sensor that takes imaging elements from the light coming through the lens. But there is a mirror in between the imaging sensor and the lens, which goes up away from the way of light. 

The mirror is placed angular, and it faces the prism located above the mirror box. You have an eyepiece or viewfinder to look at, and you can see a real-time image on the prism. You get a perfect angle to shoot and hit the shutter button to lift up the shutter and move away from the mirror in front of the sensor. 

The sensor gets the light from the lens and creates an image on the sensor. And there is your final output of the photo you wanted to take. 

What is a Mirrorless camera? How does it work?

A mirrorless camera is also the same thing as a DSLR as they do the very same job, taking the light from the source through the lens and making and image on the imaging sensor. But, the mirrorless camera comes with some differences. The main difference between these two is the Mirrorless stands for the name; it comes with no mirror in between the lens and the imaging sensor. 

There is a really helpful guide on how the mirrorless cameras work and how you can utilize and get the most out of a mirrorless camera. You can have a look at the guide if you want to go in-depth about Mirrorless.

What’s the big deal?

Now, when you are choosing between DSLR and Mirrorless, it’s a bit deal when it comes to convenience and usability. Here are some few key things that make it a big deal to choose from between these two: 

Size and weight:

The very first thing we can talk about is the size and weight of these two different types of cameras. A DSLR comes with a lot of mechanisms inside, such as a mirror box, a Reflex mirror, a Focusing screen, a shutter, a Condenser lens, Pentaprism, and a viewfinder. All together, they make a lot of space, which makes a DSLR sized so bulky. 

But a mirrorless camera doesn’t need a mirror box, any pentaprism for the viewfinder, and so on. So the overall size of the camera becomes so tiny, which makes it less weight and easy to fit in a small pocket. 

Preview images:

When you look at the target object, it is so much easy to have a preview with a mirrorless camera as it comes with an Electronic ViewFinder (EVF) most of the time. Where a DSLR comes with an Optical ViewFinder (OVF). And EVF previews the very same photo to a screen on the viewfinder that is going to be captured, so you are sure about what you are capturing and what will be the result. 

But with a DSLR, you cannot really say for sure that the photo will be exactly the same as it shows on the OVF. But OVF does a pretty good job while shooting in very low light, as your eyes are better than any camera in the world when it comes to real-life imaging. 

Autofocus speed:

If you think about autofocus and low-light shooting, a DSLR can still overperform a Mirrorless camera when it comes to focusing on fast-moving targets like in wildlife photography or sports photography. However, the Mirrorless cameras are also coming to the pace with very fast speed, and very soon, the Mirrorless will be overperforming the DSLR in this sector as well. 

Video quality:

Mirrorless cameras are way more efficient at capturing video in 4K and ultra HD quality where the DSLRs are now less performing opponent to the Mirrorless because of less accurate and lower focusing speed while recording.

Battery life

DSLRs are still better than Mirrorless in terms of battery life because the Mirrorless has to consume more electricity as it lits up the EVF and the LCD with higher definition as compared to DSLR. But the Mirrorless is now coming to the same page day by day. 

Bottom line

Ther are so many other things to compare between these two, such as Lenses and Accessories, Longibity, sturdiness, and so on. But most of the comparisons come with the technical specifications as mentioned above. 

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