Whatsapp Essential Feature

Six WhatsApp essential feature for you. (Must know)

Whatsapp Essential Feature

There is no doubt that we have all chosen WhatsApp as the best social media application. However, many of us are not familiar with all the features of this application. But if you are a WhatsApp user, it is essential to be familiar with all these WhatsApp features. In this post, we will introduce you to some of the WhatsApp essential features that will help you the most. So let’s get started.

Using WhatsApp in Desktop Browser:

We all usually install WhatsApp on mobile or tablet for use. But did you know WhatsApp is also available for desktop? However, it does not require any WhatsApp software to be installed. You can access your WhatsApp account on your computer after scanning the QR code on the WhatsApp Web site. One of the most  WhatsApp essential features for the user.

Stop saving media to the phone gallery:

You may notice that when an image file is received in WhatsApp, it is automatically saved in the phone gallery. In this way, the unnecessary image files are store and capture the memory of the phone.  We have to delete these stored files manually, which is very annoying. But a good thing, you can prevent the pictures from being saved in the phone gallery. For this, you have to turn off the Media Visibility features from the Settings option. As a result, no image files will be saved in the phone gallery.

Mute group chat notifications:

We all engage in different groups on WhatsApp.   So we always have various notifications from the group, which is a very annoying thing. However, you can turn off group notifications if you want. For this,  you need to go to a group setting and need to turn on the ‘Mute Notification’  feature. You can mute notifications from 1 hour to 1 year. It is the most WhatsApp essential feature for the user.

 Hide WhatsApp DP from unknown person :

Most guys do not have any problem giving DP to WhatsApp. But many girls are having trouble getting DP on WhatsApp. Girls don’t like to provide DP on WhatsApp to make sure that no one is abused their photo. But WhatsApp has a feature by which girls can solve this problem. Through this feature, girls can share WhatsApp DP with people of their choice. To turn on these features, you have to go to the Privacy option. Then you have to choose who can see the profile photo (Everyone/My contact). From then on, girls will not need to download WhatsApp DP. The feature will help to setup WhatsApp DP for girls to add their own account.

Change the number

We all know that we have to register with a mobile number to use WhatsApp. Many of you may think that you can’t change your number on WhatsApp. But let me tell you, this idea is wrong. You can change the number of WhatsApp accounts you currently use. For this, you have to go “change number” option to add a new number.  After that, you need to migrate all the data from the WhatsApp account settings using the old account.

WhatsApp Fingerprint  Locker:

This new feature of WhatsApp is very important for users.  Previously there was no default App Locker to lock the WhatsApp application. We had to download the application locker from PlayStore to protect the essential data contained in WhatsApp.  But now on WhatsApp, you get a fingerprint locker with which you can lock the application. You won’t need to download App Locker from the PlayStore additionally.


We hope you like this post. You must have to know these features of WhatsApp if you are a WhatsApp user. And if you are already familiar with this WhatsApp essential feature, then excellent. If you like the post, share this page with your friends and family. And don’t forget to comment in the section below.

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