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How to Learn Modern Greek in a Fun Way?

In Modern Greek, many of the ancient Greek words are still used today. The grammar is much simpler than the ancient Greek and is one of the triggers for touching the ancient Greek world. Of course, Modern Greek is now used in Greece and can also be useful for interacting with strangely attractive Greeks.

There is a classic Greek language. A language for honest enthusiasts. However, there are many fun and benefits to learning this language. There are many reasons to learn Greek, but if you have one thing in common, it is not an intellectual desire to “ want to go to Greece one day ” or “ to directly touch Greek culture ” Is not it.

The Greek word is very dramatic, human and attractive in ancient, medieval and modern times. Why don’t you have any experiences yourself through Greek?

Greek Primer

Perhaps because of the walls of letters, Greek is a little less introductory book written in Japanese than Latin. Most people study elementary grammar at a university or culture school, so in that case, it is best to use the teaching materials specified by the teacher.

However, even in self-study, you can taste what Greek is like. After you have mastered the grammar of Latin and other European languages, you will be able to reach the level of reading a dictionary.

Classical Greek and Modern Greek

The first thing to keep in mind when learning Greek is that there are “classic Greek” and “modern Greek” in Greek.

If you’re not careful when buying study books, you could end up buying a Modern Greek book, but then a classic Greek book.

Most are labeled “Classic Greek” or “Modern Greek”, but anything that is simply labeled “Greek” requires special attention.

Environment to learn Modern Greek language for beginners

She loves Greece, willing to go several times and decides to start learning Greek. And, while trying to select a study book, there is a challenge in a minor language.

There are few choices for Modern Greek study books and tools for beginners or beginners.

There are still many options for classical Greek. Classical Greek, like Latin, is a very important language that has influenced European languages, so there are many researchers.

In addition, there are cases where not only the number of options for the learning tool is small, but also the content itself includes a problem.

If you look at Greek study books sold in Japan, there are many study books that are not friendly to beginners. Many books are likely to be frustrated soon.

Also, when you look at various Greek language learning books and reference books, sometimes the grammatical content of the books does not match, which can be confusing for beginners.

 How to learn Greek

When starting Greek Language Learning, it is natural to emphasize the sound of the language when learning a living language. Learning only letters can’t check for correct pronunciation, and it won’t be fun unless you practice speaking in the first place.

Learn the letters first

It is important to focus on speech when learning a foreign language, but in Greek, it is better to learn from the letters.

When the characters of the language to be studied are complicated, the students may practice to replace the characters with phonetic symbols and speak based on the phonetic symbols.

Learning a character is a learning method when you can speak to a certain extent. This method is more efficient when learning Thai and other languages.

Sure, Greek letters are different from Latin letters used in English and Western European languages, but some Greek letters are also used in mathematics and are not completely unfamiliar.

At first, you may be a little confused about Greek letters, but there are some smartphone apps and YouTube where you can learn Greek letters, so you can learn them in about a week.

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