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A Complete Guide to UberEats Like App Development

Ubereats Like App

What more does a foodie need when he/she has a food ordering app that can serve him/her with scrumptious food at any time of the day? None. Food ordering app goes well not only for people who crave for food on the very sight of it but also for the ones who’re busy with their work schedule that they don’t have enough time to cook. Having audience from all classes of the economy, from all age groups and all diversities, food ordering app business has emerged as the most sought-after one. This pretty much summarizes why companies are expanding their business sectors to this niche without giving a second thought. 

Research & Analysis

The first step to setting up any app business is analyzing the niche you’re willing to launch. Getting to know the target group gives you an insight that will assist you in running the business seamlessly. When you want to develop an app that handles on-demand services, taking a break from researching until you reach the final destination is a strict NO.

Look and Feel of the App

User Interface and User Experience are the two things you can never compromise on when your business is solely based on an application. The way a user feels when he/she interacts with your food ordering app is what going to make him/her return to it regularly. Even if you have excellent features listed in your app, but there is a lack of design, then there is no chance of the user returning. So planning the ‘look and feel’ of the app should stay as your primary focus.

Personalized feature for the stakeholders

Restaurant owners, delivery executives, and the users are the stakeholders of a food ordering app business. Though most food ordering apps include the same kind of features for each of these stakeholders, keeping them more personalized can help you stay a step ahead of the race. 

Features for Restaurant owners – Dashboard, Accept/reject orders, List of deliverables, Real-time order status, Managing categories & Products, Managing Payments, and Reviews.

Features for Users – Login with social media/email, list of nearby restaurants, food menu with prices, add to cart, geolocation feature, order tracking facility, multiple payment options, promo codes, chat support, custom search option.

Features for delivery executives – Login with social media/email, Start shift, Receive request, Start towards/Reach restaurant, Order pickup, Order delivery, Payment, Feedback, Chat support, Feedback, Notification from Admin.

Features of Admin panel – Dashboard, Restaurant Management, Dispatcher dashboard, Product Management, Content Management, Accounts Management, Banner Management, Dispute Panel, Advanced analytics, Review rating, & booking.

How to go about developing a food-ordering app?

There are many giants like Uber Eats that can give us enough understanding of how a food ordering app should function. Following their footsteps with a bit of customization and scalability is all it takes to establish a cutting-edge food ordering app.

There are many readymade white label app solutions available in the market that can help you launch your food ordering app business in the shortest timeframe. These UberEats clone apps are proven to be time-effective and pocket-friendly. 

Are you still wondering about how to start your food-ordering app business?

UberLikeApp is a leading provider of white-label apps that are feature-rich, readymade, and scalable. Get in touch with the experts and get your queries resolved and the app developed in two business days. 

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