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AORUS M4 Gaming Mouse

GIGABYTE Releases AORUS M4 Gaming Mouse

AORUS M4 Gaming Mouse

GIGABYTE, today announced the release of new AORUS gaming gear, the AORUS M4 Gaming Mouse. The fully symmetrical AORUS M4 is a true mouse designed for both the right and left hands. Thanks to the perfect weight design, ergonomic outlook, and a pair of side buttons on the left and right sides, the AORUS M4 allows for comfortable usage with both right and left hands. The built-in high-end optical gaming sensor Pixart 3988 and on-the-fly DPI switch are able to fulfill the demands of all e-sports players.

AORUS M4 boasts an enthusiast-grade 6400 dpi optical sensor, capable of 200 ips and 50G acceleration, that gives you the ultimate accuracy for competitive gaming. Adjustable in 50 dpi increments, it further allows you to make a seamless transition from your old mouse by fine-tuning to the level that precisely fits your play style. The Japanese Omron switches on both buttons provide the most comfortable experience with crisp, tactile responses at your fingertips. The switches are also engineered to guarantee an extended life-time of over 50 million clicks. Boasting a 32-bit ARM processor, AORUS M4 delivers low-latency performance and amazingly fast processing ability. Each button on the AORUS M4 can be configured to save a command via AORUS Engine. 

AORUS M4 not only has the performance of a high-end gaming mouse but also the RGB Fusion 2.0 function that can synchronize the colorful lighting effects with other AORUS devices. All these features make AORUS M4 the best weapon for e-sports players.

Source Gigabyte NewsRoom

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